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Digitizing Workplaces and Workflows

Kiana Analytics is a real time location services platform provider leveraging existing Meraki Wi-Fi and Bluetooth infrastructure to deliver mobile personnel services and behavior analytics. Kiana’s SaaS platform technology provides intelligent site management capabilities for health and safety, operations, asset and visitor management, footfall analysis and alerting services.  The technology is designed from the ground up with privacy protection in mind.

Use cases supported include rogue mobile device detection, wayfinding services, location based messaging, video management system and camera counting interface, mobile applications for visitor video communication for campus and security team collaboration.

Kiana’s platform is in use worldwide by corporate and university operations for site and health management, telco enterprise services, mall and building operators for rent, campaign and visitor metrics,  amusement parks, airports and convention centers for analysis of visitor and crowd behavior, and improve visitor flow, experience and enhanced engagement. Smart city deployments provide municipal level operations management for city owned facilities and public space analytics. 

The Engage platform can integrate with other sensors to improve site management capabilities by incorporating new data streams to help your site stakeholders.  Security teams, operations and health teams can utilize the information specific to their requirements without additional software requirements.  

Kiana currently has 6 major patents for innovation in mobile networking, privacy and data fusion for mobile users and has been identified by Gartner as the only solution in North America that provides a comprehensive and privacy respecting solution for Digital Contact tracing for private networks. Our COVID exposure notification solution is compliant with the California OSHA AB685 regulations for employee health and safety mandate.





Key Features

Use Cases

  • Upon a report of a positive COVID test, an immediate exposure trace can be done for all people in contact more than 5 mins within a defined area. All exposed individual can see their contact times and durations in their browser app, cleaning crews are notified of exposed zones.
  • Site re-engineering to realign the site to meet new usage requirements based on actual data. Operations can view analysis of how to change flow and dwell times in areas to accommodate new occupancy limits, and encourage different traffic patterns to avoid congestion hot spots.
  • Alerts can be sent to security, health officer and administration, for visitors that are not registered, students that may be violating COVID restriction rules, and restricted area incursion by unauthorized individuals.
  • Asset management: Locating assets that require regular inventory check (based on research contract requirements), find equipment due for maintenance/ calibration, track equipment usage to identify uncertified users for risk management

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Customer Results

School Site Operations and COVID safety

Venture Christian Church and School required campus-wide COVID exposure notification system that supported high privacy requirements. The Kiana COVID reporting feature was desired for the school and adjacent church, the school expanded to support security across campus for quarantine and safe return to classes. Meraki integration allowed fast deployment to meet class return deadlines, now school is trialing support for visitor and asset management and extending to Security for their campus.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Kiana's platform is designed specifically with high security for private information management. We have built a privacy engine that is set up behind the firewall to guarantee that all location information is encrypted before it leaves a site. Kiana's services are all done with encrypted information and is only decrypted by an authorized user behind the customer's firewall. Services requiring personal identification use client side interfaces that never expose any private details to Kiana's Cloud. Only authorized customer users can view based on permissions granted.
No, there is no software required to be installed on any network device or any personal mobile device. This allows easy setup, secure installation, and transparent service deployment that facilitates user inclusion. Installation and set up can be done in short order based on the number of APs, all location information is imported directly from the Meraki dashboard to facilitate service deployment.
Kiana can assist your local IT team to set up and start visualizing data within 24 hours. With little configuration, our solution can start collecting meaningful data in that time. Kiana can help customers and partners train and use the information to demonstrate value immediately.


First level support to be provided by partner/channel, with second and third level support provided directly by Kiana. Training and installation/ set up can be provided to partner to provide customers as an added value professional service.