Video and Camera Analytics

KloudVision fuels the Meraki platform by adding rich contextualized video data to enable the delivery of  key vertical solutions that require:  Social distancing - Capacity Management - Mask Detection - PPE - Demographics - Target Marketing.

When combined with the Meraki Bluetooth & Wi-Fi capabilities KloudVision delivers meaningful insights and KloudVision can develop rules to trigger engagements in the physical world.   KloudVision continuously learns and optimizes those engagements through advanced AI.

Key Features

Use Cases

  • Smart City - Cities today are using advanced technologies such as Wi-Fi, IoT, AI and digital displays to connect, empower and engage citizens and visitors, monetize IT investment and stimulate economic growth. Discover how the Kloudspot Platform enables real-time data capture and analytics to power these new intelligent cities.
  • Camera Analytics - Monitor the movement of people and equipment to help ensure health and safety. Empower workers and security teams to respond quickly and resolve issues swiftly and safely. The Kloudspot Platform gives you eyes on everything, everywhere, in real time.
  • Digital Signage - Offer way more than wayfinding. It is policy driven engage, branding, promotions, campaigns and situational awareness. Key use case capabilities using digital screens to deliver precise and interaction. In addition to promotions it can be used to give directions to customers and employees to disseminate critical information and safety alerts in real time, so you can protect people and property. Digital displays make your site an information hub.
  • Campaign - Connect with your users through an omnichannel, multitouch solution. Introducing KloudCampaign a powerful digital tool for on-premise marketing. Find and unlock new insights, increase revenue and engagement, and enhance personalization for targeted profiling – all enabled by your existing network infrastructure without additional spend. Plus, an easy to use interface means better productivity and time saved.
  • Integration - Using the KloudInsights platform and provides mashup data between WiFi, BLE and video. It is also integrated with rules/policy engine to send notifications on topics including social distancing, occupancy, mask detection, object detection, targeted marketing.

Customer Results

Smart City

“Cities worldwide are harnessing the power of technology to reduce traffic congestion, bridge the digital divide, enhance connectivity, promote economic development, fight crime and make local governments more sustainable and resilient,” said Erie mayor Joe Schember. “We are excited to partner with Quantela to execute this ambitious project and what it can mean for Erie’s growth as a center of innovation.”

Event and Conference Management

We are a hugely popular cybersecurity event, known worldwide. We need to understand our attendees’ behavior and interact with them real time in a meaningful way so that exhibitors, attendees, and we – the event owners – make the most of the event – Sandra Toms, Vice President and Curator, RSA Conference

Situational Awareness and Intelligence

“Each individual [information communication] service is not enough. Organizations need to aggregate the data. They need to connect and integrate these services, enabling in-person, remote and hybrid work. Kloudspot situational awareness and intelligence is critical for the new normal workstyle.” –Osamu Kikuchi, Head of Business Development, NEC Networks & System Integration Corporation

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we can do Proof of Concepts the timing and cost depend on the opportunity and any custom engineering that might be necessary.
We can monitor thermostat, and/or air quality and other IoT devices such as building entry badges.
Yes, we are cloud-based, and we can be on-premises per customer requirements.


The Kloudspot Helpdesk is accessed through our partner portal. Once a partner is established, they can access information such as: Technical Support – Help with installing, configuring, or troubleshooting for the suite of Kloudspot applications, licensing and business related inquires.