Kontakt.io COVID Response Hub

Robust BLE powered Contact Tracing

By leveraging a customer’s existing Meraki Access Point infrastructure, BLE-powered employee and visitor badges, and Meraki cloud Location Services, the Kontakt.io COVID Response Hub provides people-to-people and people-to-places contact tracing. Hosting no PII, the app takes a privacy-first approach and delivers masked identity contact tracing with an approximately 9 ft* contact range, cohabitation time as well as facility floor plan heat map** to better guide sanitation teams and help keep facilities open for business.

* Location accuracy may differ based on facility specifications and Meraki network deployment topology.

** COVID Response Hub professional services offering include facility floor planning and solution design.

Key Features

Use Cases

  • Contact tracing - historical information on where and with whom a tracked person was in contact.
  • Location tracing - historical information of where a tracked person has been and how much time was spent in those locations.
  • Movement pattern tracing - recording the flow of infected person in the companies facilities over time, identify the floors, and rooms that need to be sanitized.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Within the Kontakt.io COVID Response Hub you can see anonymous contact ID numbers, only authorized people such as HR can export the data to see which employee/visitor is matched to which ID number.
The system traces location breadcrumbs and highlights spaces occupied and dwell times.
1. Kontakt.io tags for staff and visitor tracking. 2. Meraki Access Points or/additionally Kontakt.io Portal Lights for more accurate room-level accuracy. 3. Kontakt.io COVID Response Hub subscription.
Kontakt.io is a full solution provider. We manufacture the Bluetooth beacons & tags and offer software solutions as well.
Among other things, the battery life depends on the battery type, interval set, type of the casing and the environments it’s used in. As an example, below are two types of products for contact tracing purposes: 1) Lanyard Tag: 13 months (Tx=-12dBm; interval: 5s) 2) Card Tag: 46 months (Tx=-12dBm; interval: 5s) For more products please visit: www.store.kontakt.io
Smart buildings, manufacturing, education, healthcare.
This is a cloud-based solution.
The solution costs consist of hardware and software prices. Hardware is a one-time purchase and the software license is charged annually.