Kontakt.io Mustering App

Contact Tracing

Kontakt.io helps you increase safety in your facility by informing a designated person about who is calling for help, and where the person is located.

Gain real-time visibility in emergency situations.

Kontakt.io Mustering App provides visibility into the location of everyone in a facility. At the touch of a button, digital representations of entire groups can be assessed for missing members and their whereabouts clearly shown. Anyone left behind can be quickly located and the emergency services can be instantly informed of their status.

Use Cases

  • Facility evacuation tracking - real-time & granular visibility into the location of employees, visitors and first responders within the facility in case of an emergency.
  • Emergency situation visibility - real-time emergency alerts and map visibility, report on who has reported to a designated safe zone and who may still be in a location at risk within a facility.

Frequently Asked Questions

The zone is an area of interest for asset or people tracking. This is defined during the application setup. A zone may be a group of rooms, an open workspace, or an entire floor. A zone may have one or many Meraki APs. For example, the Break Room or Front Lobby in your office may be a zone. Another zone may be East Wing Floor2, or Conference Room Rio. The location of a person of interest is identified by the location of the nearest AP.
When you equip your employees and visitors with Kontakt.io tags e.g. Smart Badges, Card Tags, or Lanyard Tags, the Meraki Access Points will be able to automatically detect them. Combined with our Mustering App the system will be able to detect in real-time how many people are in the muster areas, how many are left in the building, who is still in the building, and where zones they are on the map.
1. Kontakt.io tags for staff and visitors tracking. 2. Meraki Access Points or/additionally Kontakt.io Portal Lights for more accurate room-level accuracy. 3. Kontakt.io Novid App subscription.
Kontakt.io is a full solution provider. We manufacture the Bluetooth beacons & tags and offer software solutions as well.
Among other things, battery life depends on the battery type, interval set, type of the casing and the environments it’s used in. As an example, below are two types of products for contact tracing purposes: 1) Lanyard Tag: 13 months (Tx=-12dBm; interval: 5s) 2) Card Tag: 46 months (Tx=-12dBm; interval: 5s) For more products please visit: www.store.kontakt.io
Smart buildings, manufacturing, education, healthcare.
This is a cloud-based solution.
The solution costs consist of hardware and software prices. Hardware is a one-time purchase and the software license is charged annually.