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Smart Healthcare Apps for Better Patient Care

By leveraging a customer’s existing Meraki Access Point infrastructure, BLE-powered staff badges, asset tags, and Meraki cloud Location Services, the Kontakt.io Smart Healthcare app provides a number of solutions to optimize hospital OR/ER workflows, automate PAR level management of wheelchairs, IV pumps, help quickly locate wireless heart monitors, and create a safer workplace.

* Location accuracy may differ based on facility specifications and Meraki network deployment topology.

Key Features

Use Cases

  • Patient Workflows (ED and OR) - Kontakt.io BLE Tags carried by patients or attached to the patient bed board continuously stream location data through Meraki Access Points. Dashboards and notifications driven by an event engine powered by location data can automatically provide actionable information to ED and OR staff to improve workflows to enrich patient experience and health outcomes resulting in higher HCAHPS scores and reimbursement.
  • Environmental Monitoring - The wireless BLE tags record and track location, environmental, and temperature data remotely, eliminating human errors and the need for manual reporting. The items that require strict, temperature-controlled conditions are properly tagged and constantly monitored via Meraki APs to ensure that their quality is maintained. When measurements are sensed above or below set parameters an alert is sent to specified responders.
  • Staff Duress - Nurse staff carring smart badges equipped with emergency buttons can quickly call for help from any place inside the building. By leveraging Meraki cloud Location Services we can quickly identify where person calling for help is located. Using programmable capability, each button can be assigned for a specific request, e.g. Notify nurse station and security staff including event location in case of emergency.
  • Loss Prevention - Kontakt.io BLE Asset Tags attached to wheelchairs continuously stream location data through Meraki Access Points. Presence detection of an asset in unintended hallways or entry/exit points, laundry/trash chutes, visitor entrance, etc. Alert to team members via text message/email indicating the need for retrieval of the asset. Real-time scanning of laundry or trash cart using the mobile app.
  • IV Pump Tracking - Digital, on-map searching for “missing” IV pumps reduces clinical staff time spent on having to go to another floor to find available pumps. Improves the utilization and availability of clean, ready-to-use IV Pumps by monitoring their locations in real-time while increasing nurse productivity and satisfaction. Saves CapEx and OpEx spend on the purchase and maintenance of new pumps.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Kontakt.io tags for staff and visitor tracking. 2. Meraki Access Points or/additionally Kontakt.io Portal Lights for more accurate room-level accuracy. 3. Kontakt.io Smart Healthcare app subscription.
Kontakt.io is a full solution provider. We manufacture the Bluetooth beacons & tags and offer software solutions as well.
Among other things, the battery life depends on the battery type, interval set, type of the casing and the environments it’s used in. As an example, below are two types of products for contact tracing purposes: 1) Lanyard Tag: 13 months (Tx=-12dBm; interval: 5s) 2) Card Tag: 46 months (Tx=-12dBm; interval: 5s) For more products please visit: www.store.kontakt.io
The solution costs consist of hardware and software prices. Hardware is a one-time purchase and the software license is charged annually.