Local Measure

On-Property Customer Experience Platform

Know your people. Capture rich insights. Personalize the experience. Drive loyalty.

Local Measure integrates with Meraki to:

  • Deliver rich, personalized customer data
  • Present the data in a visual, easy-to-understand way
  • Translate the data into meaningful and actionable insight that can be used to improve the customer experience
  • Bring the anonymous data to life with real characteristics, sentiment and history of use 

As a CX tool, Local Measure helps businesses bridge the online and offline customer experience. Through WiFi analytics, customer feedback, pre- and post-visit engagement and social media management tools, marketing, operations and frontline teams have access to real-time customer insights to personalise experiences and drive loyalty. This allows businesses to:

  • Improve customer experience in real-time. Capture real-time customer feedback to identify how your venues/stores can improve.
  • Identify and understand customer behavior onsite. Create rich customer profiles based on visitation and feedback data.
  • Personalise offers and experiences. Integrate customer sentiment, visit history, and interactions into other systems via APIs to enable deeper customer insights.
  • Drive sales without spending more on marketing. Capture contact details and marketing consent via WiFi to grow your marketing subscriber lists.
  • Prevent negative reviews and experiences. Gather real-time feedback (and act on it!) to stop bad reviews before they happen.
  • Drive revenue and return visits. Create personalized visitor experiences and offers by understanding who is onsite. 

Key Features

Use Cases

  • Identify customers and visitors who are in your venue
  • Learn about customers who haven’t transacted with you directly, based on Wi-Fi sign-ons, social communications or during-stay feedback
  • Connect with customers through digital channels like social messaging
  • Capture feedback regularly and unobtrusively during the customer’s visit
  • Integrate insight with existing CRM to grow rich customer profiles
  • See customer history and engagement across all locations in your brand
  • Engage customers with personalized offers and invitations
  • Deliver more effective marketing campaigns

Gallery & Videos

Customer Results

Delivering Customer Wi-Fi and Business Intelligence for Virgin Hotels

The Virgin brand is well known for its rock n’ roll heritage and being a consumer champion, so naturally the brand’s first hotel had to set a high bar. With young, tech-savvy guests to serve, the team knew that fast, free Wi-Fi had to be on offer but it also needed to deliver ROI for the hotel.

Launching one of Britain's oldest amusement parks into the 21st century

  • Dreamland sought to renew the visitor experience including Wi-Fi connectivity and the way staff interact with visitors on social media.
  • The park installed 24 Wi-Fi access points and paired it with Local Measure’s social sign-on and customer intelligence to gain real time insights.
  • See the full story here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most of Local Measure's current customers are spread across the Hospitality, Retail, Finance and Education
- Meraki Location & Scanning API - Custom Captive Portal on Meraki
Yes, Local Measure provides Pulse reports on customer ratings and interactions by your team.
Local Measure is a global company with offices in Sydney, Singapore, Barcelona, Miami, and Phoenix.