Local Measure

Guest WiFi Proximity Marketing Online to Offline Marketing

Local Measure is a customer experience platform that helps businesses identify, understand and retain their customers.

2K+ Customers

On-Property Customer Experience Platform

Delivering an omnichannel experience means bridging the online and offline worlds. Local Measure helps businesses gain valuable customer insights in real time, making it possible for front-line teams to respond to customers and personalize their experiences before they leave. Local Measure's product suite includes:

  • An in-moment feedback tool to recover service and improve customer satisfaction.
  • A discovery engine to recognize and engage with on-site customers through multiple social channels.
  • A publishing solution to showcase the best customer content posted from your location.
  • A Wi-Fi social media sign-on flow that collects and enriches customer records to better personalize experiences and marketing.

Customer Results

  • Delivering Customer Wi-Fi and Business Intelligence for Virgin Hotels

    The Virgin brand is well known for its rock n’ roll heritage and being a consumer champion, so naturally the brand’s first hotel had to set a high bar. With young, tech-savvy guests to serve, the team knew that fast, free Wi-Fi had to be on offer but it also needed to deliver ROI for the hotel.

  • Launching one of Britain's oldest amusement parks into the 21st century

    • Dreamland sought to renew the visitor experience including Wi-Fi connectivity and the way staff interact with visitors on social media.
    • The park installed 24 Wi-Fi access points and paired it with Local Measure’s social sign-on and customer intelligence to gain real time insights.
    • See the full story here.

Use Cases

  • Identify and engage with loyal customers while they're still on site
  • Gather feedback from customers who are on property and respond in real time
  • Engage with customers through one-to-one messaging on their preferred channels while making internal notes
  • Respond to negative posts from hotel guests on social media before they become a bad review
  • Share live social content on screens at live venues to keep everyone updated on activity
  • Share live fan commentary on the big screen at sporting events to encourage engagement

Frequently Asked Questions

Most of Local Measure's current customers are spread across the Hospitality, Tourism, and Retail industries.
The platform takes WiFi analytics data from Meraki APs and matches it with customers' social profiles on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to build a 360-degree profile of each customer.
- Meraki Location & Scanning API - Custom Captive Portal on Meraki
Yes, you can receive real-time alerts for notifications that you select as the most time sensitive and filter all other results for review at a later time. You can also ensure that the right alerts go to the right team, whether that be the rewards team or the customer service team.
Yes, you can connect to multiple handles and respond to all posts from a single place.
Yes, Local Measure provides Pulse reports on customer ratings and interactions by your team.
Local Measure is a global company with offices in Sydney, Singapore, Dubai, UK, Miami, and Phoenix.