Manufacturing RTLS Solutions

Locate critical resources to optimize processes

AiRISTA Flow helps manufacturers

  • Manage inventory levels to balance production needs and carrying costs
  • Locate critical tools and mobile equipment just in time to keep production moving
  • Use wireless ID to replace paper based systems and hand held scanners
  • Locate product and equipment in parking lots and laydown yards
  • Monitor contractors location in real time using geo-fence zones
  • Provide real time alerts to man-down situations and automate headcounts in muster zones during evacuations 

Key Features

Use Cases

  • Asset Tracking/Utilization - Find missing equipment quickly and avoid hoarding - Analysis of utilization rates can avoid over-purchasing expensive equipment - Combination BLE & Wi-Fi tags provide location visibility where access points might have mixed technologies.
  • Wireless ID - replace handheld scanners - The asset tag identifies the product and its ID. Integration with the MES system pushes build instructions specific to that product for the associate.
  • Outdoor Tracking - lots, laydown yards - GPS + BLE combination tags provide outdoor tracking, using GPS to capture coordinates and BLE 5.0 to backhaul the coordinates thousands of feet. - Motion sensors wake the GPS receiver only when necessary to conserve battery. - Eliminates the need to deploy infrastructure in areas without PoE.
  • Contractor Location/Accounting - Assign a personnel tag to contractors - Alert when a contractor enters or leaves various zones. - Automate accounting of their activity and hours.
  • Man-down/Mustering - Personnel tags worn by employees in hazardous areas detect the impact of a sudden fall (and differentiate from a false positive like tossing the tag on a table). - Automate headcount in mustering areas for an instantaneous count.
  • Inventory Counting - With the declining price of BLE tags, it becomes economical to track lower value items like inventory stock. - For perishable stock, ensure a FIFO process for stock pulls and alert when stock is beyond its expiration date.
  • Passive RFID - To address the range of use cases required by customers, passive RFID combined with active RTLS ensures the best solution at the right price. - AiRISTA Flow is a reseller of popular passive solutions and tags which integrate with the Unified Vision software platform.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Unified Vision can be deployed in your data center, in a private cloud, or delivered as a private instance from our cloud provider.
Unified Vision supports REST calls, web socket calls, and streaming interfaces popular in manufacturing environments like MQTT.
Depending on the tag, we support Wi-Fi, BLE, IR, GPS, accelerometers, temperature and humidity sensors.
Battery life is dependent on the radio and its chirp rate. A Wi-Fi tag that chirps many times per minute will last a couple months. With a longer chirp rate (>1min), the battery should last a year or more. BLE batteries will last several years (unless the chirp rate is every second or two in which case batteries will last <1 year).