Indoor Mapping & Wayfinding for Mobile Apps

Mapwize is the Indoor Mapping platform for creating new digital services inside buildings. Our maps are easy to build and even easier to integrate in your Wayfinding, Workspace Management, Maintenance or Security applications.

Using the open-source IndoorLocation framework, Mapwize is extremely easy to integrate with Meraki Location API to provide the blue dot on the map, asset tracking and location analytics. An extensive guide is available on

Mapwize SDKs are available for iOS, Android and Javascript.


Key Features

Use Cases

  • Give co-workers an office map with live meeting room availability
  • Guide customers inside malls and shops
  • Help medical staff find equipments and resources
  • Get statistics about attendee behavior at an event

Gallery & Videos

Customer Results

Track vehicles at car dealers

A BMW dealer with 7 locations around London is using Meraki and Mapwize to track vehicles inside their facilities and improve the efficiency of their mechanics.

Stop looking for meeting rooms, find them

A large corporate headquarter in Paris is providing their employees with a live map of the office showing which meeting room is busy or not, based on agenda synchronization and live sensors. Using Meraki, the mobile app knows the position of the users and can immediately identify the closest free room. It can also guide them to their next meeting, across the multiple floors and buildings of the campus, exactly like a GPS would do.

Project attendee locations on top of event map

Cisco events is using Meraki + Mapwize to project location data on top of the actual event map and get analytics for the different areas of the event.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Mapwize gives you the possibility to create multiple version of the maps of your building so you can project data on any of them. Think about event venues for example, the map of the building is changing every day. Each version of the map can be given different access rights so only selected people can access them.
Yes, when Meraki is connected to Mapwize, users that are connected to the WiFi can see their location on the map and be guided to their final destination.
To track assets and be able to see them on the Mapwize maps, you simply need to attach BLE or WiFi tags to your assets. The tags will be picked up by your Meraki infrastructure and the location sent to Mapwize. Register the MAC addresses you want to track and you are good to go.
Location data do not need to be sent to Mapwize. You can deploy an open-source location server in your infrastructure to collect all the location data and overlay the data on top of your map without any data going through the Mapwize servers.
Mapwize is GDPR compliant. The IP address and the MAC address of the devices are only kept for a few minutes in order to provide wayfinding services. After that delay, all devices are anonymized and any personal data is removed.


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