Mews Systems

Cloud Based Property Management System

The nervous system of your property. Mews includes a PMS, a booking engine, a mobile concierge app, an integrated payment gateway, a self-check in kiosk a housekeeping app and so much more. Our products have been designed around increasing guest experience, taking over all the admin tasks so that your staff have more time for whats most important: the guest interaction. The Mews Commander is a fully mobile optimised PMS and because of the intuitive design its really easy to use. As we took it to the cloud, we use a SaaS pricing model and there is no need for investment in hardware like an on-premise server. Log in from home, the airport or the car, as long as you are online, you can see what's happening in your property from anywhere. We've also automised payments with the Mews Merchant, a seamlessly integrated payment gateway which enables you to offer a Uber-esque experience for your guests. This removes manual handling of payments for your staff, so it reduces chargebacks and saves time. Choosing Mews will allow you to create your own eco system, as you can integrate literally any imaginable software with Mews, even those of the future, for free! 

Key Features

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