Mobile Ordering by Wifi Waiter

Tableside & Curbside ordering through wifi.

Wifi Waiter is helping restaurants meet the urgent need of social distance and contactless ordering due to Covid-19. Most restaurants had to limit their indoor capacity and have set up outdoor seating. However, both staff and customers are still at risk due to close proximity. 

Our mobile ordering solution helps customers place an order and get service with minimal contact with staff. They can order from their phone by simply connecting to Wifi Waiter, which is enabled through Meraki APs and can be offered both indoor and outdoor. 

Orders print on the kitchen printers along with table number and customer details. The orders could be delivered to the table or you can send a text notification to the customers to pickup orders at the counter when ready.

Key Features

Use Cases

  • Ordering at outdoor seating at restaurants.
  • Ordering from neighboring restaurants at bars, breweries and hotels.
  • Contactless ordering at table-side or curbside at restaurants.
  • Contactless ordering at large retail establishments like malls, food halls, amusement parks, etc.
  • Pre-order and pickup at university cafeteria, corporate cafeteria and office buildings.

Gallery & Videos

Customer Results

Patio Service at alaMar Kitchen & Bar

alaMar Kitchen & Bar has suspended indoor dinning due to Covid-19 related safety regulations. Their customers are able to get table-side service in the patio by ordering through Wifi Waiter.

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer the service for free to restaurants on a partnership model and charge a service fee to the consumer on each transaction.
Wifi Waiter is supported on all phones, laptops, tablets that supports wifi. The ordering page automatically loads up on all iOS, Android phones, but might need the user to manually open browser in other phones.
No additional hardware needs to be installed to enable Wifi Waiter. The software can be enabled on existing Meraki network. Wifi Waiter provides a Windows app for the merchants, that can be installed on a tablet or back office computer at the restaurant to receive orders.


Support offered through email and call.