Movement Strategies

Business intelligence derived from Smart Cameras

Movement Strategies' Advanced MV Sense Analytics App provides Clients with insights derived from Meraki's Smart Cameras, accessed via a web based dashboard. The Smart Cameras collect location data of people and assets, which when cleaned and processed, provides the building blocks of a range of use cases for a range of sectors including:

  • Retail (stores and shopping centres)
  • Transport (rail, bus and air)
  • Smart buildings & campus
  • Stadiums and arenas

Every Client's business is different and hence Movement Strategies works with the Client team to define the use cases and the App solution is tailored to specific requirements.

Client data (e.g. transaction data) can also be ingested into the App solution, if and when that is required.

The current range of use cases deliver insights in real time, whilst also providing a means of viewing historical data. The real time outputs can be used to prompt staff or customers, via a range of communication channels.

Key Features

Use Cases

  • Entry and exit count into a building or a defined space. This use case may also include a real time occupancy insight.
  • Customer itineraries within a defined space e.g. products and areas within a retail store, including tills
  • Utilisation of space, based on footfall, density or dwell within a defined space.
  • Queue time measurement, including average and maximum queue times
  • Attraction and conversion rate calculation, based on footfall infront of a store, entering the store and transacting at the store.

Customer Results

Measuring customer experience in a Pret shop

A range of use cases to measure the customer experience in a Pret shop, focusing on itineraries and the time spent in each of the activities, including browsing, queuing, purchasing and dining in. Additional use cases were delivered to measure the performance of the shop too e.g. utilisation of seating in each zone.


Phone support provided between 9am and 6pm (GMT). Support via email also available between these times.