N-able N-central

Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) for MSPs

The larger your IT business, the more efficient you have to be, so N-able N-central offers the power, customization and flexibility to help manage highly diverse client networks with incredible precision, but a minimum of manpower.  Easy-to-use automation tools and rules-based workflow definition let you seamlessly onboard and monitor thousands of machines, using customized standard configurations and monitoring policies. Advanced security products can be layered atop built-in features to expand your service offering.

N-central integrates with Meraki to provide Managed Service Providers (MSPs) with easier monitoring and alerting of Meraki devices. The status of all client devices is visible in the N-central dashboard and includes the ability to enable notifications and alerts, monitor connectivity and traffic, and much more.

With N-central, your business is boundless. Available as an on-premises or hosted solution, N-central helps you:

  • Onboard, configure, or patch hundreds of devices with powerful automation tools
  • Improve customer uptime with proactive alerts and self-healing capabilities
  • Monitor and manage Windows, Mac, Linux, virtual machines, and network devices
  • Organize your services and customers in a single interface
  • Customize scripts to meet specific customer or device-type needs
  • Improve technician efficiency, customer retention, and service margins


Key Features

Use Cases

  • Monitor Meraki Gear: Discover and monitor Meraki devices from within the N-central dashboard. See device bandwidth stats. Monitor connectivity and traffic. License warranty reporting.
  • Automatically Manage Complex Networks with Sophisticated Tools: N-central’s automation manager goes beyond simple automation, allowing you to set up complex, sophisticated tasks using a drag-and-drop editor—no need to write code. Whether you want to standardize your onboarding process for new clients, simplify patching, or streamline the ticketing and billing process, N-central lets you customize your experience for maximum efficiency.
  • Handle Nearly Any Type of IT Environment with Ease: N-central’s infrastructure and software is built to help you handle massive networks with minimal hassle and maximum protection. With profiles, rules, and filters, you can preconfigure or update devices in bulk across customer sites. On top of that, our support for all types of devices—endpoints, servers, smartphones, tablets, virtual machines, printers, and IoT devices—makes N-central an ideal solution for managing complex environments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

N-central will automatically detect almost any IP-connected device, and with hundreds of built-in monitoring services, we can monitor just about anything.
Yes. N-central is used by thousands of technicians to monitor large, complex environments. Some of our partners monitor as many as 25,000 devices.
Yes. Our dedicated onboarding team can help you deploy to the very first device using our best-practice deployment methodologies.
No. Our drag-and-drop automation builder lets you build automation typically in minutes—no programming or scripting experience necessary.


N-able customers can login to the Customer Success Center to submit a case for technical and product assistance, and use live chat or phone to speak with support.