N3N Video AI

Transforming MV cameras into full-fledged video AI

N3N is a Cisco venture-backed company headquartered in San Mateo, California. N3N provides an AI-based video analytics solution. Leading brands and smart cities across the globe trust N3N to deliver innovative video AI solutions and achieve transformative business and operational outcomes. With Meraki, it not only enhances what MV family can do today but also provides a dynamic range of AI features. Check out now what N3N can offer along with Meraki cameras.

Key Features

Use Cases

  • Object/people classification/counting
  • Face recognition/matching
  • Loitering, line-crossing
  • congestion/crowd detection
  • Fire detection
  • Gun detection and Human Action Recognition

Gallery & Videos

Customer Results

Samsung Electronics - People counting

[CHALLENGE] In the R&D center, it was mandatory for employees to wear a white lab gown and dust-proof cap. The floor, walls, and doors are all white, which caused troubles to detect people. The existing system showed less than 70% of accuracy when counting people. [SOLUTION] By having N3N’s video AI solution with high-end classification and counting technology, the security manager will be able to count the people entering and exiting the premise with an accuracy of over 96%.

Frequently Asked Questions

[Business] 1. Please describe your business and what you do. [Challenges] 1. What are some of the key challenges that you have been facing as a security/store/facility/operation manager? 2. What are the other major problems you are trying to solve? 3. How are you managing it? 4. How soon do you need the problem solved? 5. Have you tried solving the problem before? If not, why? If yes, what solutions did you try and why did the solution not work? 6. Have you set up a budget for solving this problem? 7. What impact would your business face if this problem isn’t solved? How will it impact your business’s goals? [Current infrastructure] 1. Do you have CCTV cameras and video surveillance systems? If yes, a. How many cameras do you have and where are they located? What do they do? Please describe. I.e. record and playback b. Do you think they function as you planned they are supposed to do? c. What brand/software are you currently using and what issues are you having with it? d. Are there specific features you require in your new solution? 2. Do you detect an alert situation? If yes, a. When an event/accident happens, how soon do you know and how do you respond? b. How do you get notified and what actions do you take? [Timeframe, budget, and organization] 1. What is your purchasing process? 2. What is your timeframe for making a final decision? 3. What is your timeframe for full implementation/Go Live? 4. Is there an allotted amount for the project or a formal budget amount? 5. Who are the people in your organization I should work with on this project? 6. Who is involved in the decision-making process for this kind of product/service?
Meraki sends a live camera feed to N3N and N3N sends an AI event back to Meraki in real-time.