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N3N delivers transformative operations visualization solutions across leading enterprises, large organizations and smart cities on a global scale.

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Operations Command Control Visualization

N3N provides the world's #1 operations visualization platform. Leading brands and smart cities across the globe trust N3N to deliver innovative Internet of Things solutions and achieve transformative business and operational outcomes. Our dynamic IoT visualization platform seamlessly converges data from sensors, connected devices, video and more in a single view for real-time actionable insights that drive real-world decisions. Founded in 2012, N3N is a Cisco venture-backed company headquartered in Foster City, California.

Customer Results

  • Event Security - Cisco Partner Summit Las Vegas

    Provided an operations visualization solution of the event venue that shows the location analytics for heatmap, crowd density data, and mac addresses to identify persons of interest.

Use Cases

  • Provide Command & Control Visualization and Management solution to the Operations Center.
  • Visualize video analytics directly on the map such as people counting, heatmap, crowd density, enter/exit and room occupancy.
  • Monitor live/recorded Meraki cameras on the actual locations on the map
  • Allow users to monitor and control other data and sensors along with Meraki camera feeds.



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