Bluetooth-based asset tracking

Connect Nodle with your Meraki network to let you track devices both inside and outside of your buildings or facilities. Meraki networks only track Bluetooth within about 200 feet of your access points. Nodle extends coverage outside the network using over 4 million nodes around the world.  

  • Meraki access points track your bluetooth devices through your buildings or facilities
  • Nodle's network locates and tracks to your bluetooth devices outside of your buildings or facilities
  • Visualize data via a single user interface
  • Build your own dashboard with the Nodle API 
  • NEW Collect IoT data from Bluetooth devices to the cloud (Requires MR firmware 27)

Nodle uses the Meraki Dashboard API to configure the Meraki Scanning API to send real-time data to our Cloud.

Key Features

Use Cases

  • Asset tracking. Use the Nodle Network to locate industrial assets through a supply chain such as kegs from large breweries, to the warehouse to store.
  • Consumer asset tracking. Use the Nodle Network to track small Bluetooth enabled assets such as dog tracking tags to help users find their lost dog most easily.
  • Pharmaceutical. Locate assets with next generation Bluetooth Tags that record temperature, motion, and chemicals.
  • Smart Cities. Use the Nodle Network to track the location of city assets, such as park benches and pollution sensors.
  • Fleet tracking. Deploy backup sensors on vehicles to locate even when stolen or disassembled.
  • Utility Metering. Use Nodle in conjunction with LTE to offload meter data at a lower cost and power consumption.

Customer Results

Beverage Production.

A Fortune 500 company in New York used the Nodle Network to track advertising displays in store locations. Industrial grade Bluetooth trackers were added to each display which sent location data to the cloud. Complemented with Nodle Network, our delay tolerant service provided the client hourly data on how many devices they had and where they were located. This enabled them to know if their presentations were in storage space or on the floor of the store as intended.