With OneLogin's Unified Access Management platform, eliminate shared credentials and provide admins and end users with secure single sign-on (SSO).

Network Automation

Secure single sign-on and authentication to Meraki

OneLogin's cloud UAM platform allows any user to authenticate to Meraki with their SSO credentials via the RADIUS protocol. IT can enable users to authenticate against Active Directory, LDAP, Google home directory, or OneLogin itself. Authentication can be made to Meraki devices, such as Wifi or VPN, as well as any target applications connected to OneLogin. 

Frequently Asked Questions

OneLogin supports the PAP and EAP-TTLS connection protocols, with MSCHAPv2 support coming late 2018
PAP is best suited for VPN connections. Users will type in their credentials (and 2FA if required) during each authentication attempt to the Meraki access point
EAP-TTLS requires a certificate for sign in and is best suited for individual device based authentication to the Meraki access point. During the RADIUS authentication process, the certificate is presented for validation. This certificate needs to be deployed to target machines for authentication - OneLogin recommends Meraki Systems Manager for the task

Support Details

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