Offline Media-Driven Insights

OPTiFi enhances mobile location analytics adding new value to consumer insights with real-time, anonymous-passive, presence detection over WiFi. Brands, agencies, and advertisers can discover where customers are coming from, and conversely, where ads need to be, in order to reach audiences like never before without compromising privacy.

Unlimited reporting capabilities provide powerful insights into media attribution, brand affinity, and ad campaigns with intelligence for assessing content, time, place and audience. From hyperlocal to global scale, OPTiFi offers metrics for a range of commercial sectors including media networks, retail, hospitality, transportation, tourism, venues, and blockchain systems.

The combined benefits of OPTiFi and Cisco Meraki is the seamless integration of superior impression counts with legacy mobile data for a comprehensive client package.

Key Features

Use Cases

  • A quick service restaurant compares the ROI of digital signage at its building site exterior, versus a remote digital ad, on the other side of town, to deliver new customers.
  • An auto retail brand measures audience conversion to its dealerships from an annual trade show, from a product launch event, and from a car displayed in a mall to determine future campaigns.
  • A movie trailer ad placed in a regional mall refines its creative content and time of play to maximize audience conversion to a theatre, ahead of rolling out its national advertising campaign.
  • A municipality benchmarks new versus repeat visitors to outdoor venues and determines best promotional strategies outside of their traditional catchment area.
  • A hospital or not-for-profit organization pre-assesses best ad locations for a national fundraising campaign.

Frequently Asked Questions

Registering OPTiFi with Cisco Meraki is easy with just a few steps. 1. Sign up with OPTiFi 2. Login to the Meraki online dashboard and navigate to the organization where Access Point's are to be registered to be OPTiFied. 3. Configure Cisco Meraki access point and send the secret string to OPTiFi Support 4. OPTiFi Support will provide a URL that the data will be posted to 5. Enter the URL and secret in the Meraki dashboard
Yes. OPTiFi reports historical data such as total traffic, new vs. repeat visitors, frequency, loyalty, dwell, bounce and beyond in addition to media proximity, engagement and conversion.
Yes. OPTiFi integrates easily over Cisco Meraki WiFi bridging a range of platforms such as advertising networks, content management systems, optical cameras and kinesic models.
All data is certifiably anonymous end-to-end and is de-identified at source with one-way encryption.
A superior level of data is maintained with proprietary algorithms with the highest qualifying device libraries processed within a secure cloud-based environment.