Continuous Controls Monitoring

Panaseer is the first Continuous Controls Monitoring platform for enterprise security. We help stakeholders to make informed, risk-based security decisions.Our platform shows you every asset, application, user and database across your IT estate in real-time. This identifies gaps in controls coverage, aligns security with framework standards and substantiates regulatory compliance.Our automated reports significantly reduce reporting time and tailor insights to stakeholders at every level, enhancing decision-making from the boardroom to the analyst. These reports can also be mapped to the organisation’s structure, so you can prioritise risk based on impact to the business.Enterprise security leaders around the world trust our platform to help them make better security decisions.

Key Features

Use Cases

  • Inventory Analysis: - See all known and previously unknown assets across user devices, servers, virtual machines, mobile devices, databases, cloud and applications - Continuously monitor your asset status to detect new assets, purge stale ones, discover unmanaged assets and find those with end-of-life software - Gain business and technical context on assets, such as which business and market it belongs to, its physical location and when it was last updated
  • Security control coverage gaps: - Ensure all your assets have security controls deployed and that controls are fully operational - Identify gaps in security processes that enable unmanaged devices to be connected to the network - Manage and monitor deployment of new security tools - Track remediation efforts and demonstrate progress to senior stakeholders
  • SLAs and KPI tracking: - Continuously and automatically track, report on and adhere to information security policies, SLAs, KPIs and standards - Create customisable dashboards tailored for stakeholders at every level - Identify and analyse assets which don’t comply with internal policies or SLAs

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We connect to any security data source, with over 60 in use by our customers today. Please see a full list of connectors at We can build any new integration in a day.
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