ParkPow - Parking Management

Enforce and manage your parking lot

Tired of non-tenants hogging up spots in your townhouse community?  Don't want vehicles parked overnight at your parking structure?  Need solid proof to tow a vehicle for parking over the 3 hour parking limit?

Get ParkPow so you can:

a) Effectively track and understand all vehicles coming in & out, how long they stayed, how often they come, etc.

b) Get alerts to identify unauthorized vehicles who park overnight, blacklisted vehicles who park over x hours, etc.

c) Easily import your tenant/employee/etc database into our dashboard or export ParkPow data to your systems.

d) Have a full vehicle CRM system to tag offenses, issue exceptions, etc.

Deploying ParkPow is straight-forward, with no onsite hardware (except for the Meraki cameras, of course):

1) Set up camera(s) at the entrance and exit points of your parking lot.  We can even support entryways that are used for both entrance/exit.

2) Incorporate Plate Recognizer with your Meraki camera(s).  This way, we can identify the license plates of vehicles coming in/out.  This takes only 3 minutes to set up.

3) Automatically feed data right into ParkPow, so you can start to monitor and enforce your parking lot!

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Key Features

Use Cases

  • Parking Management - Effectively manage your parking lot by tracking all vehicles coming in and out.
  • Parking Enforcement - No need to mark tires or spend time patrolling the parking lot. ParkPow delivers alerts to enforce your parking policies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Plate Recognizer (owned by ParkPow) can automatically send decoded license plate and other data straight to ParkPow.
Cameras should zoom in on entrance/exit points of your parking lot. Feel free to reach out to us with some photos/diagrams of your parking lot. We'd be glad to engage and help.
ParkPow costs $15-20 per camera per month. Go here for details:
Yes! We have open APIs for easy integration. Go here for details:
ParkPow is designed to help manage parking lots, not so much vehicles parked on the street. Why? Because it is often difficult to track vehicles coming in and out in a street parking environment.
No! ParkPow is a cloud-hosted SaaS solution. You just forward Plate Recognizer LPR results over to ParkPow.


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