Managed Indoor Positioning and Navigation

PenguinIN leverages all available radio and sensor information to provide state-of-the-art indoor positioning information to build ROI-driven use cases. We service different verticals including healthcare, hospitality, retail back-end and education using:

PenTrack which is a software-based, cloud-hosted indoor tracking solution offering market leading accuracy and performance. We work with off-the-shelf tags and do not require proprietary hardware. Whether it is venue-wide presence or room-level accuracy, our machine learning algorithms ensure that clients get the best accuracy with cost efficiency to satisfy their use cases.



PenNav is a leading turn-by-turn indoor navigation solution delivered through mobile applications and digital kiosks. Our solution is enriched with location-based messages, analytics and business rules. Offered as a managed service, accuracy of our indoor positioning is maintained long after initial system setup.

Indoor Navigation

Using Meraki's Location APIs, PenguinIN works with clients deploying Meraki infrastructure to enable PenNav and PenTrack solutions.

Key Features

Use Cases

  • Healthcare Improve asset management for better availability and access for staff. PenguinIN also supports other relevant use cases such as automated entry, infection control and patient wandering.
  • Education Automatically track students’ attendance and enhance security of your student and staff population.
  • Shopping Center/ Retail Navigate shoppers through the venue and support them with finding what they are looking for. Send them location- and context-based Proximity Marketing for higher engagement.
  • Airports/ Transportation Offer a seamless traveler’s journey by leveraging updated wait times, turn-by-turn navigation and proximity marketing.
  • Theme Parks and Hospitality Improve your guest journey based on PenguinIN’s rich indoor analytics. Help guests to better navigate through your facility and notify them about events and special offers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. For demo purposes, please visit or website to schedule a demo by filling out the form provided our contact us at [email protected]
Sometimes the terms are used interchangeably but many times map creators use the term wayfinding to refer to a "static route" drawn on top of a digital map. In contrast, indoor navigation has an active blue dot that continuously updates to reflect the true location of the user. The two solutions require maps BUT the indoor navigation requires additional infrastructure (e.g. BLE beacons such as those offered by Meraki infrastructure). PenguinIN can provide both options but indoor navigation is our focus.
Three things: (1) tags to be attached to objects/personnel being tracked, (2) wireless infrastructure and (3) PenTrack positioning engine. Tags can be software (e.g. mobile application on a smartphone) or hardware (e.g. off-the-shelf BLE or Wi-Fi tags). Infrastructure can be Meraki access points with built-in BLE beacon and reader functionality. PenTrack positioning engine uses information relayed by the infrastructure about the tag to determine its location. This location information is used to build many use cases.
No. We certify/user off-the-shelf hardware leverage technology advances in tag and infrastructure. Adopting software-based approach towards indoor positioning keeps cost in check and gives our clients a wide range of tags and form factors to choose from. We have a healthy list of suppliers whom we certify and interoperate with for tags and infrastructure.
Our advanced machine learning algorithms bridge the accuracy gap between simple (usually single radio) BLE tags and proprietary multi-radio tags which provide the client the same utility at fraction of the cost.
Many including patient tracking, staff tracking, location-aware duress calls, asset tracking and loss prevention, infection control/compliance, automated attendance and many others.
PenguinIN is a software-defined positioning system built with integration in mind. We have RESTful API to allow for integration with ERP, HR, Security, Nurse Calling, EHR and many other systems.
PenTrack is for tag tracking. PenNav provides GPS-like experience indoors. The two solutions can be integrated to provide feature rich use cases such providing a nurse the ability to view the location of an asset on her phone (PenTrack) and then navigate to it (PenNav).