Perch Security

Perch Security provides threat detection with SIEM

Cover yourself and your clients with multitenancy  Cybercriminals know that breaching you means breaching all your customers. Multitenancy lets you protect your house first, then protect each of your clients. 

Offer advanced security without the advanced price tag Sidestep the massive investment associated with adding an advanced service offering. Instead, add staff (and expertise) without adding headcount. We partner with you, handling threat detection and monitoring.  

Set up with ease — Perch works with your stackAfter an easy one-hour installation and setup, your network will be monitored by certified analysts. Perch works with all your existing endpoint protection and security products — no need to buy any additional solutions or change what you’re already using. 

SIEM integrations included As pioneers of next-gen SIEM, Perch can generate network and log-based event notifications for almost any scenario. Perch syncs with your companies in ConnectWise Manage® and Datto Autotask PSA. Respond to Perch incidents with ConnectWise Automate® scripts, quarantine machines, and more. Our growing partner family includes integrations with Cisco® products, Microsoft 365®, G Suite®, popular firewalls, and more.   


Key Features

Use Cases

  • View and report on authentication events from VPN and wireless
  • Track application installs and alert on new software being installed (System Manager)
  • Alert on anomalous VPN logins
  • Alert on malware, spyware and adware communication
  • Find new computers connecting to your network
  • Report on website filtering events
  • See your Meraki activity alongside SIEM data from all of your other log sources

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Frequently Asked Questions

You’ll need an Organization Administrator to set up the API and webhook configuration.
Perch brings data into the platform within a few minutes of the successful integration. This enables logging, reporting, and alerting almost immediately.
Perch includes the Meraki integration along with dozens of other integrations as part of our per-user, “all-you-can-eat” SIEM price.