Phunware Return to Campus

A Mobile Smart Campus Solution

As higher education institutions look to return to campus and in-person classes, Phunware’s Smart Campus solution enables administrators to quickly provide students, faculty and staff with pertinent information regarding current safety protocol, emergency alerts, possible exposure and available testing.

Campus Engagement

With Phunware’s flexible Mobile Engagement module, send on-demand alerts and notifications to your entire user base or a specific segment of users. Easily deliver relevant information based on user location data or key attributes, including proactive and reactive messages, reminders and notifications to better manage and enforce health guidelines and social distancing on campus.

  • Broadcast Campaigns: Schedule messages to reach all, a sub-group or individual users.
  • Geo-Fence Campaigns: Send notifications as users enter or exit a defined physical area.

  • Beacon Campaigns: Trigger campaigns based on a users behaviors and their proximity to a beacon location. 


Campus Activity

Phunware’s Location Based Services enable for multi-building indoor and outdoor navigation, allowing administrators to decrease congestion by safely routing users to designated points of interest.

  • Home To Campus: Seamlessly integrate driving directions using the user’s mapping app of choice.

  • Campus Navigation: Route directly with turn-by-turn outdoor to indoor navigation.

  •  Track and Prevent Exposure: Trace and monitor device locations, including both real-time and historical lookbacks, to help citizens avoid potentially harmful exposure.

  •  Location Sharing: Share current location information to campus security or healthcare workers.  

Dynamic Directories

Create a directory of faculty and essential points of interest on campus, providing users with operating hours, services provided, contact and location information. Using our Location Based Services and Mobile Engagement software, send notifications about these points of interest in real-time.


Campus Clinics

Quickly adapt and respond to the complex challenges surrounding patient communication, telemedicine visits, resource management, tracing and population health management.

  • Appointment Scheduling: Book new and existing patient appointments. Send reminders and eliminate missed appointments.

  •  Virtual Visits: See patients over HIPAA-compliant video with full reimbursement to help patients stay healthy at home.

  • Lab Work/Test Results: Communicate test results quickly, directly and securely to patients.

  •  Prescription Refills: Allow prescription refills requests and progress tracking.


Additional Use Cases

Campus Life:  

  • Search for and navigate to open study spaces
  • Access to faculty directory
  • View Professor & TA office hours
  • Check grades, sign up for classes
  • Digital badging for capturing attendance
  • Keyless dorm entry
  • Check cafeteria menus
  • Campus bookstore promotions

Public Safety

  • Emergency alerts
  • Reporting incidents
  • Security contact numbers
  • Wayfind students & staff to points of interest
  • Share your location with security for live safety tracking

Campus Culture

  • Events calendar
  • Athletic updates, schedules and scores
  • Campus news
  • Greek life chapter information
  • Volunteer/intern opportunities
  • Order campus merchandise
  • Guest speaker events
  • Create study groups

Administration & Admissions

  • Staff training
  • New student orientation
  • Enable self-guided campus tours
  • Recruiting tool for prospective students
  • Financial aid and general university information
  • Alumni events and donations

Key Features

Use Cases

  • Students: Deliver on-demand alerts and notifications to keep students updated on current campus health and safety protocols. Seamlessly integrate walking or driving directions so they can navigate the campus using the mapping app of their choice. Reduce the spread of the virus by leveraging location data to trace and monitor exposure.
  • Faculty: Create a directory of faculty and essential points of interest on campus, providing users with operating hours, services provided, contact and location information. Target campus faculty with customized messaging and notifications on current campus health and safety protocols.
  • Staff: Log when two or more devices are within close proximity and review historical location data to determine risk of exposure. Send notifications to users, warning against extended dwell time in high traffic areas and direct them away from congestion.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, Phunware has taken a hardware-agnostic approach to location hardware providers. For a list of compatible hardware, visit our documentation page.
Yes. The Phunware platform is extensible to other systems, including ticketing, baggage tracking and other administrative tools. Our award-winning professional services team is available to support custom integrations.
You or your Phunware Customer Success Expert (CSE) can use Phunware’s user-friendly portal to create geo-fences using addresses or by selecting locations on a map. These geo-fences can range in size from 50 meters to 500 meters using the latitude and longitude of the location.