Phunware Return to Work

A Mobile Smart Workplace Solution

Contactless Check In and Prescreening

When employees breach a geofence upon arrival at the office, they will receive a notification prompting contactless check in. 

As part of the check-in process they will review and agree to the provided terms of the check-in agreement, thereby confirming they are in compliance with on-site procedures and safety protocol.

Employee Identification and Digital Access

 Employees will receive a digital access ID, enabling administrators to assign custom access plans that grant touchless access for various designated entry points.

 Feedback and Maintenance

 Employees can provide real-time feedback and requests regarding safety concerns, environment cleanliness, policy or protocol compliance,  maintenance concerns and more.

Announcements and Resources

 Employees can access pertinent announcements and company resources including policy changes, company updates, COVID response policies and procedures.

Additional Capabilities

  • Temperature Scanning
  • Contact Tracing
  • Wayfinding
  • Parking Management
  • Room Booking
  • Visitor Registration
  • Personalized Notifications
  • Employee Directory

Key Features

Use Cases

  • With Phunware’s Return To Work Solution, easily manage employee access permissions based on a daily pre-screen questionnaire. Quickly send important updates related to policy changes, company updates or potential exposure and respond to concerns related to safety, environmental cleanliness, and health protocol compliance. In the event of a confirmed exposure, use historical tracing data to quickly investigate and inform impacted employees or visitors.
  • Upon arriving at the workplace, employees receive a notification prompting a customizable pre-screening questionnaire. Based on the employee's answers, access to the facility is either granted or denied. A digital key is assigned to the employee and is available directly on their mobile device, allowing touchless access to various designated entry points. Once inside the facility, employees can quickly review and stay updated on current company policies and protocols, book office spaces or confe
  • Visitors are greeted upon arrival to the facility with a mobile prompt, allowing them to complete the necessary visitor registration and receive a digital badge. After they have checked in, an employee is sent a notification of their arrival. Once inside the facility, the visitor uses real-time indoor navigation to route to the pre-booked conference room.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Our solution can support unlimited geo­fences. The Phunware team will provide best practices on geo­fence creation during onboarding.
Users must perform two actions to be able to receive location-based notifications and campaigns: They must have your app installed, and they must have location services enabled.