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Location Based Services

Phunware’s Location Based Services offers a comprehensive set of tools that enable brands to better engage with their users based on location. We play a unique role in the ecosystem of location hardware technology providers, software providers, and point solutions like map editors and push notification providers. Phunware seamlessly integrates all these technologies with the ultimate goal of providing elevated user experience. The Multiscreen-as-a-Service (MaaS) platform ingests and fuses location data from on-site hardware and renders it as user-friendly maps and routes. Administrators are able to easily manage the map and other app content in the cloud-based portal. 

Key Features:

  • Indoor Routing and Navigation: Optional real-time blue dot navigation using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons, Wi-Fi, GPS or Li-Fi
  • Off-route Notifications: Receive real-time notifications when you get off the track
  • Location Sharing: Users can share, view and route to each other’s location
  • Customizable Points of Interest (POIs): Create, configure and display unique POIs
  • Simple Real-Time Map Management: Easy to edit, manage and update
  • Additional Real-Time Location Services: Asset tracking, proximity alerts, traffic patterns and more
  • Native Map Experience: Maps that follow the latest technology and design patterns - including pinch zoom, pannin, and rotation

Download the Location-Based Services Feature Sheet

Phunware works with industry-leading partners who help to bring our products to market and focus on specific industry verticals. For example, we have Healthcare partners, Retail partners, and Hospitality partners who work directly with customers to design, deploy and maintain a location-based services solution. 



Key Features

Use Cases

  • Maps and Navigation: Interactive, searchable maps, Point of Interest (POI) detail cards, turn-by-turn directions, handicapped accessible routing, and support for multiple locations, buildings, and floors.
  • Points of Interest (POIs): Predefined locations overlaid on map and display in a list view. List view items link to either route builder (for directions) or open an expanded details screen including picture, name, and description.
  • Search and Filter: POI search by text matching and filtering on POI types (e.g., restrooms, restaurants, etc.).
  • Map View: Map displaying the POI locations, route overlays, floor/building selection and include pinch/pan/zoom functionality.
  • Static Wayfinding: In-app routing/directions between two points of interest (POIs) including route builder and turn-by-turn directions.
  • Route From Current Location: Users can retrieve a navigable route from their current position to a desired point of interest.
  • Multi-Level: Nested app experiences within a single app download. Each app experience can support its own dedicated home, menu, content pages, and maps per level with ability to jump between levels.
  • Home-To-Venue: Auto-launch driving directions using Google/Apple Maps.
  • Multiscreen-as-a-Service (MaaS) Portal Access: Customer administrator access to the MaaS Web portal configuring LBS details and functions.
  • Publishing: Ability to publish a draft venue for migrating changes to the live version of the venue.
  • Mapping API: REST API allowing remote clients to manage resources associated with mapping, including venues, campuses, buildings, floors, points of interest, segments and routes, including security and protocols.
  • Analytics: System for capturing actions associated with mapping, wayfinding, and navigation including a dashboard within MaaS and may be expanded with custom tagging.
  • Blue Dot Wayfinding: Dynamic blue dot experience displaying current location of the user's device on a map, turn-by-turn routing, home-to-venue, and indoor navigation from current location.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer the Phunware Location Experience Kit which includes everything you need to set up a real-time blue dot experience in a trial area. For more information or to order your kit, visit our website.
No, Phunware has taken a hardware-agnostic approach to location hardware providers. For a list of compatible hardware, visit our documentation page.
No, developers can leverage a GPS signal, WiFi or beacons.
Our solution provides 3-10 foot accuracy and updates a user’s position more than once per second.
Yes, the Location-Based Services module enables developers to configure landmarks for turn-by-turn routing.