Piper provides quick and cost-effective location awareness solutions for enterprises to track assets using BLE technology.

Asset Tracking

Track equipment, vehicles, people, and assets

Using proximity technology like Bluetooth (BLE) Beacons, Ultra Wide Band (UWB) Tags, and LoRaWan Technology, Piper helps enterprises improve operational efficiencies and increase revenue with asset tracking, fleet management, communication, security, environmental awareness and many other proximity-based solutions. 

  • Monitor and track dwell time, movements and current asset locations in real-time.
  • Deliver smartphone alerts at the right time through closed networks attached to single beacons.
  • Integrate Piper beacons and additional Piper hardware with Cisco Meraki AP BLE beacons 

Frequently Asked Questions

Today, Piper works with smart cities, transit and airport authorities, healthcare and other enterprises needing real-time location awareness.
Piper offers several different beacon form factors from all-weather, 5+ year battery-powered devices to always-on USB to credit card style beacons and disposable coin-sized devices for warehouse asset tracking
Yes, advanced SDK’s and API’s can integrate with existing mobile applications and third party software.



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