Plate Recognizer ALPR

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Get accurate, reliable license plate recognition (LPR, ALPR, ANPR) deployed easily on Meraki cameras in 3 minutes. Test drive with Free Trial now.

License Plate Recognition on Meraki in 3 minutes.

Plate Recognizer provides highly-accurate license plate recognition SaaS in 90+ countries worldwide.  Our machine-learning software works in nearly all environments, such as dark, blurry, low-res images, all kinds of vehicle types, tough angles, etc.  In addition to decoding the license plate and type of vehicle, our LPR engine can also identify the vehicle's make, model, color -- from a global dataset of over 9000 vehicle make-models.

We've integrated with Meraki cameras so all you have to do is copy/paste a line in Meraki Webhooks.  That's it!  

Upon motion or vehicle detection, Meraki will send the image over to Plate Recognizer API Cloud to decode the license plate(s) in that image.  You can even search, sort and filter plates from our online dashboard.  With Plate Recognizer, there's no need to have any hardware or software onsite to get LPR.

Sign up for a Free Trial now at  No credit card required. 


Use Cases

  • Parking Access - Monitor cars coming in/out of parking lot.
  • Toll - Capture all vehicles passing through a toll plaza.
  • Weigh Station - Identify and track all vehicles at weigh station.
  • Home Community Security - Track all vehicles in gated community or home area.
  • Logistics - Track vehicle time spent at different sites (e.g. construction, mining, etc.)

Support Details

We provide email and chat support via Skype and WhatsApp.