Presence Orb - Mask Detection

Helping you become COVID secure

Presence Orb MV Covid safe is a Meraki enhancement tool, allowing  users to further utilize the MV machine-learning based  computer vision outputs via API to create custom business solution helping make your venue "Covid Safe"

From an individual camera to a global organisation, Presence Orb supplies organizations with processed, high-value data, insights and engagement tools that can be set up in as little as a few minutes, with no additional infrastructure requirements.

Utilizine the Meraki MV RTSP feeds the Presence Orb system can identify people entering a venue with or without a face mask, allowing your store, office, venue to act fast to ensure you remain covid safe for all your visitors.

  • Historical aggregate: Save compliance percentages to your Presence Orb dashboard allowing you to see mask compliance across your organisation.

  • Alerting: Send SMS, Telegram, WebEx, Microsoft Teams, Slack or other alerts to your security or store teams allowing them to speak directly with customers and visitors to maintain a safe environment.


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Key Features

Use Cases

  • Mask detection and point of entry for an office space, providing compliance measurement
  • Mask detection in store to alert security to customers without masks
  • Mask detection behind bars in hospitality and food preparation lines

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, 14 days of unrestricted usage however this would require a server available onsite to host the detection program.
Yes, Mask detection works across masks types with the exception of clear face masks.
Yes Mask Detection works via the Meraki MV RTSP feed being fed to ether a dedicated machine on network or companion machine provided by Presence Orb.
Yes, mask detection works in real time monitoring camera feeds from RTSP.


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