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Presence Orb is a Meraki enhancement tool helping you to understand customers and staff in a physical space.

Understand and analyse

Camera analysis infront of store

Presence Orb is a Meraki enhancement tool, allowing  users to further utilize the MV machine-learning based  computer vision outputs via API to create custom  business solution.By analysing Meraki MV camera footage Presence Orb can detect and report upon key data items such as dwell time, occupancy, distance between individuals and more.

From an individual camera to a global organisation, Presence Orb supplies organizations with processed, high-value data, insights and engagement tools that can be set up in as little as a few minutes, with no additional infrastructure requirements.

Utilizine the Meraki MV, Snap shot and RTSP feeds the Presence Orb system can identify objects such as people track their position across the cameras field of view and produce actionable insight from that information. Meraki MV enabled cameras provide a window into a number of vistor and customer based analysis metrics

Historical aggregate: How many people were  in a given area at a specified time, and where  exactly were they in the frame?

Current snapshot: How many people are in a  given area right now, and where exactly are  they in the frame?

Real-time feed:  A stream of the number of  people and their exact location in a frame,  pushed out in sub-second intervals

RTSP feed : Analysis giving real time sentiment and distance between objects such as people via custom computer vision models tailored to your specific needs. 


Use Cases

  • Measure customer satisfaction by utilizing MV Sense to perform sentiment analysis of visitors to your venues.
  • Measure real time occupancy by floor, area or building allowing you to be confident and comfortable in the knowledge that you are doing everything you can to secure your sites.

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