Presence Orb

Presence Orb is a spatial analytics solution, allowing venue owners to analyse how customers interact with physical locations the world over.

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Presence Orb

Presence Orb is a Wi-Fi  and MV Sense analytics solution, allowing venue owners to analyse how customers interact with commercial space in sectors including retail, hospitality, leisure, transport and advertising.

As valued partners, all Meraki customers are receiving a 30 day free trial of Presence Orb to start capturing live data and generating actionable insights to support their business across departments from operations to venue layout design, marketing and more.

Designed to sweat your Meraki MV Sense & Wi-Fi assets, visitors are tracked through both MV camera sense & mobile phone signals using only your Meraki access points & MV Cameras to passively collect and analyse data – no Wi-Fi login or app engagement required.

Presence Orb provides valuable insights that support the achievement of business objectives including improving visitor experience, evaluating initiatives, streamlining operations and driving revenue. Passive metrics are overlaid with open source data such as weather and proprietary data such as sales figures, while AI-powered forecasting allows visitor behaviour prediction with up to 94% accuracy.

In addition to our Wi-Fi collection we leverage the latest and greatest Meraki MV Sense API to increase accuracy and provide additional functionality such as queue time monitoring and zonal camera analysis.

Visit today and get in touch to arrange your 30 day free trial for Meraki customers.

Customer Results


MAXIMISING ROI WITH MINIMAL RESOURCES The Guest WiFi experience is one that significantly impacts into your service and product offerings. Understanding and personalising your visitors’ experience drives brand loyalty and, coupled with in-venue visitor behavioural analytics, provides valuable competitive advantage. Presence Orb worked closely with Camden Market to enhance visitor experience through seamless, branded Guest WiFi login.

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