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Safe Occupancy

Real-time location occupancy solution to enforce social distancing measures on COVID-19.

Smart & Safe Occupancy Solution

Adapting to a new world in a post Covid-19 economy reboot.

While Retail stores, Office spaces, Construction sites and Factories are thinking of reopening, they can now rely on Cisco Meraki Smart Cameras and Jogogo Smart & Safe Occupancy solution to comply with the new security measures and ensure the safety of their employees and customers.

PRTL by Jogogo is a Real-time location occupancy solution to enforce social distancing measures on COVID-19 by monitoring & managing incoming visitor traffic with digital displays, online & mobile dashboards.

Key strengths and tangible use cases include:✓ Comply with security and safety measures ✓ Manage traffic flows and occupancy in real-time✓ Ease of use and setup by simply installing your Meraki MV cameras✓ Cost-effective & quick ROI

(prtl) by Jogogo can provide you with immediate benefits such as:

  • Real-time safe occupancy inside your stores
  • Simple to use dashboards for your teams
  • Display-ready dashboards for customer management
  • Monitor critical areas such as queues and check outs
  • Alerting to inform teams and deploy preventive measures 

Our solution is adapted and ready to go for sectors such as:Retail | Grocery | Pharmacy | Health | Banking | Transportation


Display-ready dashboard for customer management:

  • Reassure your customers on the safety status of your store 
  • Provide nearby stores alternatives for increased safety & brand experience
  • Contain costs on human resources; additional staff, security personnel, etc. 


Monitor critical metrics in real-time for safety and operations:

  • Real-time occupancy of your store
  • Configure occupancy capacities to reduce risks
  • Monitor how many people have visited your location at any time of day
  • Take action when it matters. Alert teams via sms, emails and more when occupancy levels are reached


About jogogo: the #1 WiFi and Camera analytics AI platform for both SMB and Enterprise.Jogogo is Cisco Meraki technology partner that offers a ML-powered platform that captures, processes and aggregates information in real-time on consumer behavior in stores. Leveraging Cisco Meraki WiFi infrastructure and MV cameras, Jogogo brings unprecedented data and tools to measure the behavior of people visiting, interacting and engaging into the offline world.


Customer Results

  • Manage occupancy in real-time with high-fidelity

    By leveraging our display-ready dashboard for customer management on a TV at the entrance of their stores, this Pharmacy chain could get its staff focused on explaining new safety measures to customers while our real-time occupancy solution was managing entrances in real-time to comply to new maximum occupancy limits - with an accurate people counting at a 98% fidelity level.



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