Purple COVID-19 Solution

Safe Navigation & Wayfinding

Social distancing scoring & measurement and digital mapping which allows organizations to operate safely & successfully in the 'new normal'.

2 Offers: One for WiFi, One for WayFinding

Offer One: Purple WiFi

Social Responsibility Dashboard - 3 months free*

Help your customers to operate successfully, safely & effectively as we head into the ‘new normal’. The need to maintain social distancing is something that all businesses are going to need to comply with for a long time to come. At Purple we have developed our Social Responsibility Dashboard.

It’s designed to protect customers and employees, and help maintain social distancing while also making sure businesses can operate efficiently.  

The key components include: 

  • Density scoring
  • Hygiene ratings
  • NPS scoring
  • Clear & concise RAG scoring

All the information is displayed in a single, easy to understand dashboard that can be shared across an organization and also with the wider public.

*For orders placed by 31st July 2020. No commitment to buy afterwards.

Offer Two: Purple Wayfinding

Purple Wayfinding Digital Mapping - Free until 31st July*

Help your customers in the healthcare space to tackle the operational challenges that have arisen due to COVID-19. Exceed their expectations as you help them prepare for the  ‘new normal’ with blue dot navigation, digital maps, route planning and location based messaging

The system empowers hospitals to better manage crowd flow, deliver critical information and direct patients along specific routes based on whether they are at the hospital for COVID-19 related issues or not.

We can get Digital Mapping live in a healthcare facility within 1 week, at cost, and support you and you customers during the pandemic, with a phased approach based on business requirements**

*Free until 31st July then $2K - $5K p/month **Timing assumes we get the data we need to set up

Use Cases

  • Measure & monitor social distancing
  • Manage adherence to social distancing
  • Improve operational efficiency in the 'new normal'
  • Improve the health & safety of physical venues
  • Improve the customer/patient experience

Support Details

24/7 live customer support.



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Support Phone:

+4433 3101 4150