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Purple are a leading provider of WiFi analytics. WiFi analytics gives businesses the ability to collect data from customers through guest WiFi.


Gain valuable insights around physical spaces

What is WiFi analytics?

WiFi analytics involves using your guest WiFi network as a means of capturing customer data. This data can include name, date of birth, interests, hometown, contact details, footfall, dwell, frequency of visits and more. You can then use this data to build better customer profiles and drive personalized marketing campaigns - ultimately transforming your guest WiFi network into a revenue generating tool for your business.

How does it work?

Purple's software solution ‘sits’ on top of your existing guest WiFi network. When guests connect, Purple captures their data via a captive login portal, and tracks their movement whilst in your venue using their devices’ unique MAC address.

Purple's login portal can be completely customized to match your branding. The portal also connects with leading social media platforms, enabling guests to login quickly using their social media credentials.

All of the data captured is stored within an enterprise-class reporting dashboard, ready for you to use to engage more effectively with your guests.

Using Purple’s built-in automated marketing tools, you can drive real-time personalized marketing campaigns aimed at increasing customer retention and encouraging spend. If you wish to transfer the data into another system, Purple offers an API and connects with a number of leading CRM and marketing platforms including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, dotdigital, and more.

Customer Results

  • McDonald’s record a sharp increase in app downloads following the installation of WiFi analytics

    • 80+ restaurants across Belgium
    • 2,136,000+ cumulative visits
    • 1,074,001+ unique visits

    • Read the full case study here.

Use Cases

  • Increase customer retention by 24% through sending highly relevant, real-time email and SMS campaigns to customers.
  • Use key demographic customer data to hyper-personalize engagement with customers to increase loyalty and maximize spend.
  • Create branded splash pages for your business and redirect customers to your App on login to drive downloads and engagement.
  • Use the data collected through proximity marketing and location services to understand and act on guest movement in your venue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Purple WiFi will work in any country, currently, there are users in over 125 countries. javascript:void(0);
Yes, you can install Purple in as many of your business venues as you like.
Purple supports 24 languages. You can see the full list here: https://support.purplewifi.net/en/support/solutions/articles/11000027792-which-languages-do-you-support-
Customers can currently log on through the use of the following Social Media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and VK

Support Details

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