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The QWASI Platform and COVID safe Contactless Solutions integrates with Cisco Meraki Wi-Fi enabling physical objects to be converted to digital first experiences enabling both customers and employees to engage safely via BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) experiences enabling individuals to leverage mobile devices for engagement while driving business value.

QWASI facilitates smart object optimization, in coordination with Meraki WIFI to unlock COVID safe solutions across every sector.  

View key features of QWASI by sector include:

  • Medical & Financial: Contactless appointment booking, contactless checkin, and smart wayfinding.
  • Events & Conferences: Learn how to create greater engagement for virtual events with gamification and smart swag.
  • Restaurant & Retail: View product details, tap to order, chat, and curbside pickup.
  • Manufacturing & eComm: Tap for remote access, contactless customization, text to reorder
  • Hotels & Gaming: Tap to preview services, contactless reservations and smart checkin.
  • Airports & Arenas: Contactless engagement for checkin, mobile updates, contactless ordering and shopping.
  • Cities & Schools: Tap to engage to view details, contactless parking, wayfinding, and request for assistance.
  • Employee & B2B: Virtual event optimization, gamified rewards for participation, smart checkin and mobile communication updates to improve engagement.

INTEGRATIONS: The above solutions also work to initiate Smart Call Center to resolve support calls more effectively, as well as Webex Teams for collaboration with onsite support and customer service teams.  QWASI’s mobile suite leverages Meraki to power experiences, match ids to confirm security, and unlock new data points to better anticipate customer behavior.

QWASI optimizes contactless solutions without requiring app downloads to engage.  Additionally, post authentication, visitors are immediately recognized upon location re-entry and can choose the welcome back communication to earn loyalty points for engaging in particular activities.

ADMIN : administrators leveraging QWASI can login to a custom portal to preview a dashboard of engaged visitors, and a GDPR compliant database, based on user preferences.  In this interface, entry and exit are implicitly understood and communication is automated, or queued, for one to one engagement.


At QWASI, we leverage data and technology to make communication and mobile experiences smarter.  Our proprietary platform creates new digital touchpoints by transforming analog objects into contactless experiences.  The transformed smart objects are then used to triangulate with other federated IOT touchpoints like WIFI, Digital Displays, and POS to understand context of individuals, devices, and curate unique experiences.  These experiences are mobile native, and do not rely on app download.

Key Features

Use Cases

  • Airports & Arenas - The evolution towards smart contactless airports and arenas is imperative to alleviate safety concerns in this post covid era. Digitizing communal objects allows spaces to become smart, and builds trust with customers, as well as, the staff servicing these high impact areas. Link
  • Medical & Financial - Contactless experiences go beyond a mobile app to provide a seamless way for customers and patients to authenticate, navigate, and get smarter assistance from their healthcare and financial services providers. Link
  • Events & Conferences - As physical meeting places go virtual, Event and Conference managers are leveraging our contactless solutions as a more effective way to communicate, knowledge share, build community, and gamify for more immersive experiences. Link
  • Retail & Hospitality - Curbside pickup is one of many ways our contactless solutions are transforming restaurant and retail. By digitizing spaces, customers now have a seamless and safe way to order and shop in physical locations. Phones act as a second screen device to improve the understanding of products and services, and allow brands begin to engage customers in a more meaningful, COVID safe environment. Link
  • Hotels & Gaming - Upgrading hotels and gaming resorts with smart contactless experiences, enable brands to create safer environments for their guests and offer state of the art customer service solutions. Link
  • Manufacturing & eCommerce - Leveraging our COVID safe contactless solutions, customers are able to optimize product packaging and machinery with touch screen displays for customer and employee BYOD engagement. Transforming product interfaces enables product preview, customization and mobile checkout, while enhancing brand visibility, growing sales with gamified rewards, and post purchase support. Link
  • Cities & Schools - Our contactless solutions are helping make cities, schools, and universities safer in a post COVID era. They have also enabled a more modern way to communicate and engage constituents with everything from wayfinding, to local ordering, mobile voting, as well as, gamifying engagement to build community and consensus. Link
  • Employee / B2B - Employee and B2B gamification is a modern way to build communication efficiency that improves knowledge share, reduces gaps in understanding and creates a more immersive employee and customer culture. Link

Gallery & Videos

Customer Results

Community Health Network of Indiana

Qwasi works with the Community Healthcare Network to build and power contactless hospital and telemedicine experiences.

Chandon Wine and Vineyards / LVMH

Qwasi works with the Chandon and LVMH Innovation teams to build and power contactless vineyards, wine, employee, and customer loyalty experiences.

Fordham University - Contactless Arenas & Stadiums

Qwasi works with Fordham University teams to build and power contactless employee, student, alumni, and stadium loyalty experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Learn more https://www.qwasi.com/news/qwasi-on-cisco-gpl/
Qwasi integrates with Webex Teams and activates Cisco Vision, Contact Center and integrates with a number of other 3rd party platforms.