Contextualise Physical Spaces

RadioLocus’s primary target vertical is the OOH media and Airport, however the platform is also marketed and sold to Supermarkets, Transits, Cities,Supermarkets and Shopping Malls.

OOH Media – Evaluate audience reach, impression, engagement and frequency.

Airport – Analyze passengers journey to determine congestions and wait times at key service areas and profile passengers based on airlines and destinations.

Cities - Determine crowd density at city center, parks, performing multi modal origin - destination studies in near real time. 

Transits - Congestion management and determine commuters journey pattern

Super/hyper market – Map shoppers in-store movement pattern to items purchased in real time. 

Shopping Mall - Get insights into shoppers movement pattern to target repeat shoppers based on category of their visits. 

Key Features

Use Cases

  • Airlines and destinations based passengers profiling at airports and duty free outlets.
  • Mapping shoppers in-store movement pattern to total basket size in super/hyper markets
  • Evaluate tenancy mix - Measure behaviour affinity of shoppers and categorise them based on shopping preferences at shopping malls
  • Congestion Management - Real time understanding of commuters density and bottlenecks at train stations and transits
  • Understand origin and destination (OD) patterns of urban movement

Customer Results

JCDecaux Airport

1. Profiled passengers based on airlines and preferred destinations. 2. Measured campaign success of a retail brand through RadioLocus' coupon based marketing platform 3. Measure of audience across media sites


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