Proximity Marketing Wayfinding & Mapping

RadioLocus at its core is a mapping and positioning platform generating advanced insights into movement of people in indoor and outdoor environments.

Contextualise Physical Spaces

RadioLocus’s primary target vertical is the OOH media and Airport, however the platform is also marketed and sold to Supermarkets, Transits, Cities,Supermarkets and Shopping Malls.

OOH Media – Evaluate audience reach, impression, engagement and frequency.

Airport – Analyze passengers journey to determine congestions and wait times at key service areas and profile passengers based on airlines and destinations.

Cities - Determine crowd density at city center, parks, performing multi modal origin - destination studies in near real time. 

Transits - Congestion management and determine commuters journey pattern

Super/hyper market – Map shoppers in-store movement pattern to items purchased in real time. 

Shopping Mall - Get insights into shoppers movement pattern to target repeat shoppers based on category of their visits. 

Customer Results

  • JCDecaux Airport

    1. Profiled passengers based on airlines and preferred destinations. 2. Measured campaign success of a retail brand through RadioLocus' coupon based marketing platform 3. Measure of audience across media sites

Use Cases

  • Airlines and destinations based passengers profiling at airports and duty free outlets.
  • Mapping shoppers in-store movement pattern to total basket size in super/hyper markets
  • Evaluate tenancy mix - Measure behaviour affinity of shoppers and categorise them based on shopping preferences at shopping malls
  • Congestion Management - Real time understanding of commuters density and bottlenecks at train stations and transits
  • Understand origin and destination (OD) patterns of urban movement

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