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Revolutionize your business analytics with Datacam, a product of ReBiz.  Datacam is the only product on the market that uses camera vision technology to distinguish between customers, non-customers, and employees to report True-Traffic.  Datacam achieves this unmatched accuracy by utlizing proprietary software, personal auditing, and customizable monitoring technology. 

Our software also monitors at a rep-level providing reporting on conversions, compliance, and employee performance.  All Datacam reporting is completely customizable allowing infiinte solutions for businesses of any size or industry.

If we can monitor it, we can report on it!


Key Features

Use Cases

  • Gain insight into traffic trends through hourly, daily, and weekly reports
  • Improve scheduling, employee-level conversion, and manage sales rankings with state-of-the-art camera monitoring technology
  • Utilize our customizable general compliance monitoring system to uphold the specific standards and protocols of your business
  • Address losses and find solutions with our loss prevention features

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Frequently Asked Questions

Datacam is the only software that has such a high level of accuracy. Unlike the typical people counting software that provides basic counting, our advanced monitoring and human audit feature provide you with unmatched accuracy. Our software monitors rep-level traffic and provides reports on labor factors, conversion impact, and employee ranking. Datacam is also a completely customizable monitoring solution that can work for a business of any size or industry. If we can monitor it, we can report on it.
Yes, Datacam can help you build the perfect schedule for each location. Our employee level stats will showcase the top-performers as well as provide other factors affecting all employee performances. Our software also monitors store hours allowing you to schedule your top converting reps during peak hours to maximize the busiest times of the week.
Yes, Datacam provides you with precise ROI reports on your business’s performance. We do this by accurately distinguishing between employees/vendors and customers providing you True-Traffic conversion reporting. You can count on Datacam’s proprietary technology for accurate numbers to measure ROI.
All of the data you need is provided for you in an easy-to-read custom dashboard. Datacam provides you with information at both a store and employee level to help you keep track of everything from individual employee reports to store performance data.