Room Booking | PlaceOS

Manage, monitor, and improve meeting room bookings

  • Access room booking occupancy data through PlaceOS integrations with Meraki
  • Remove ghost meetings and automatically trigger room availability upon verification of ghost meeting
  • Automatically start any AV or VC components
  • Cross-reference in-room attendees and invitation list, automatically call off-prem attendees.
  • External attendees are automatically added to the visitors list.
  • Options for visitors to order coffee for the meeting
  • Adjust user preferences automatically
    • HVAC
    • Lighting
  • Easily locate available rooms ‘near me’ or in a specified location

Unlock total visibility across the whole room booking experience. Integrations with Meraki Wireless and Cameras can provide data points about occupancy numbers and occupancy details which in turn allows any number of user experiences to be automated, improved and understood.

For example, a scheduled meeting with in-person attendees can be cross-referenced against the attendee list by utilizing Meraki Cameras. PlaceOS then triggers real-time calls to remote attendees and automatically starts any AV requirements. If people have not shown up to the meeting, that information can be tracked, then the room can become available automatically after a designated period of time.

Key Features

Use Cases

  • Available Rooms Near Me: Users can check what rooms are available nearest their current location.
  • Automated Conference Calls: Improve meetings with off-prem attendees by automating technology.
  • Smart Cleaning: Notifications for cleaning services can be cross-checked against occupancy data to trigger sanitization protocols depending on the health & safety requirements.
  • Underutilized Room Bookings: The number of users can be cross-referenced against the meeting room capacity. If the disparity is shown to be too great, then an alternative room can be located and users can be notified about a room that is better suited to their needs.
  • Ghost Meetings: Meetings without in-room attendees can be tracked and monitored through any preferred analytics software or Place Analytics. Rooms can be set to come available after no one has entered the room for a predetermined amount of time.