Engaging mobile campaigns, delivered natively

Rover helps app publishers and brands create and push location-aware mobile campaigns to their apps without technical development resources. Campaigns designed in the browser-based platform are delivered natively to the app, with no user updates required.

  • Send location-triggered, scheduled, and instant messages when the Rover SDK is implemented in your app.
  • Automate message delivery, import customer data, or export event data to your own analytics tools or CRM using the Rover API
  • Manage geofences, beacons and places all from within the platform
  • Build campaigns including elements like video, barcodes, and webviews from the web-based design tool

Key Features

Use Cases

  • Create location-based guides and tours for museums and similar sites using beacons built into Meraki APs
  • Deploy seasonal retail campaigns, only delivered to customers who visit your store
  • Provide new opportunites for brand partners to engage with your customers, like sponsored offers and quizzes
  • Provide festival-goers with lineup and site information as they explore the grounds
  • Partner with retailers to promote your product's brand in-store with alerts triggered as a customer enters a new aisle

Frequently Asked Questions

Rover is for app publishers (brands with apps) who want to leverage their beacon hardware and customer data in order to drive engagement and monetization efforts on mobile.
Rover helps brands activate their Meraki beacons by making it easy to turn BLE signals into native mobile campaigns and content. With Rover-enabled apps, a customers device can detect Meraki beacons setup in their venues, and deliver location-based in-app content and campaigns.
Rover will help brands connect with app publishers that fit their requirements.
Rover is a global operation that supports clients throughout the Americans, Europe, Asia and the Oceania region.