SAMi Digitise Clean-Up

Have a digital manifest of all cleaning activities

Gone are the days of the clipboard in which cleaning staff had to tick checkboxes for proof of assignment and no way to confirm the cleaning task was completed. Instead, have access to a digital manifest and create advance reporting of cleaning activities to ensure compliance in real-time – all from a single dashboard.

SAMi (short for Surface Awareness Management Intelligence) by meldCX monitors surface areas in shared and public spaces and makes them visible, allowing for strict cleaning efforts whilst tracking compliance.

With SAMi, users will be able to:

  • Monitor: Cameras track all active spaces and mark all surfaces exposed to staff and customer interaction
  • Alert: When a cleanup threshold has been reached, SAMi sends an alert of the cleanup requirement
  • Clean: The assigned cleaning staff reviews the extent of the requirement and conducts the cleanup
  • Inspect: Once complete, the assigned cleaning staff inspects every marked surface and completes the checklist and a cleaning manifest can be generated

Key Features

Use Cases

  • Create scenes of areas to track: Enable sensors to capture everything within their field of view to create scenes. Within scenes, users can track high-touch surfaces for human-to-surface contacts by tracing them. These traced surfaces, now “active regions or ARs”, will be marked for tracking. Users can define certain thresholds for these ARs. Once thresholds have been reached, ARs can be deemed for cleanup.
  • Monitor incidents and scene statuses: Stay up-to-date on all surface tracking data and events within your network. Monitor open incidents, instances wherein tracked surfaces have reached any of their set thresholds. Be informed of ongoing, completed, and overdue cleanups.
  • Alert cleaner of open incidents: SMS alerts of open incidents are sent to the cleaner who is assigned the scene. A link in the SMS redirects the cleaner to an overview of the cleanup assignment.
  • Cleaner resolves open incidents: Once cleaners complete their cleanup assignments the incident becomes resolved and is reflected in the portal. Logs of the completed cleanups can be reviewed in the cleanup history.
  • Access a digital manifest of all cleanups: View a comprehensive log of past cleanups and cleanup performance time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our standard trial period is 1 month (30 days). However, if you'd like an extension just email us! We want you to love the product before making a decision.
Network and installer setup will be 7 days SLA. Hardware procurement is determined by availability and shipping time.
meldCX's SAMi captures spatial data through high-performance mapping without keeping identifiable personal information, respecting the privacy of individuals in that space.