ServiceNow Connector

A Native ServiceNow and Meraki Integration

A Native ServiceNow and Meraki Integration; The Service Graph Connector for Meraki

This application supports alert management and synchronization of Meraki organizations, networks and devices into ServiceNow Service Graph and the ServiceNow CMDB. ServiceNow customers can use this application to generate organizations, networks, devices, and device statuses in ServiceNow for increased visibility. This application also allows users to generate device alerts and incidents in ServiceNow for automatic incident detection and creation of tickets in the ServiceNow platform.

How it works:

The Meraki ServiceNow Connector application communicates with the Meraki API to import configuration details from Organizations, Networks, Devices and Device Statuses to be transformed into records in the Organizations, Networks and Network Gear and child tables in the ServiceNow platform. 

The application also captures device alerts from the Meraki dashboard and creates incidents in ServiceNow from the received alerts. The created incident will be automatically linked to the related Meraki device. Priority of incidents can be defined by adding/modifying records in the Device Alerts lookup table found in the System Policy application menu.

The system will run on a configurable schedule to keep the information updated. In addition, custom Meraki views and forms have been provided to make it easy to adjust the data being used. 

This app is available in the ServiceNow Store! 

Key Features

Use Cases

  • Already a ServiceNow Customer? This app allows you to seamlessly integrate your Meraki and ServiceNow platforms.
  • Sync your Meraki organizations, networks, and devices with your ServiceNow CMDB
  • Create and manage incidents and alerts from Meraki devices in ServiceNow

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