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SES-imagotag is a leading technology company in electronic tags and digital solutions for the physical retail industry. Its customers include more than 300 major food and specialty retail groups in Europe, Asia and North America. SES-imagotag has developed the VUSION (Cloud Retail Iot) platform to help retailers transform their physical stores into highly automated, data-driven, digital assets connected in real time to brands and consumers. VUSION improves the agility, precision, and accuracy of pricing, while ensuring omnichannel synchronization of pricing, product information and marketing campaigns. The platform developed by SES-imagotag also helps to optimize order picking and in-store replenishment. VUSION also helps the staff on the shop floor by automating low-value-added processes, so that they can concentrate on customer service and merchandising. VUSION connects stores to the cloud, providing accurate, real-time information about product availability on shelves.

Use Cases

  • Digitize and automate price displays and product information.
  • Access accurate information about shelf stocking and inventory at all times.
  • Focus staff on optimizing merchandising and preventing out-of-stock.
  • Increase pricing agilty and accuracy to maximize cash margins, reduce waste and overstocking.
  • Boost in-store picking productivity and Click & Collect sales.

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Customer Results

In-Store Picking Optimization

Searching one single product on a shelf can be very time-consuming. The OptiPick solution significantly reduces order preparing time and optimize the path to pick in-store products. Through a digital map and precise product geolocation, take the fastest track, don’t waste time and easily find products thanks to a 180° LED flash blinking on your shelf.

In Store On-Shelf Availability Optimization - Captana

Improving on-shelf availability is the top operational priority of a store and retailers need to be able to drastically reduce stockouts and waste. By combining computer vision and the leading-edge VUSION ESL technology, stores can now detect stockouts and anomalies in real-time.

Enhanced In Store Shopper Experience in Consumer Electronics

Enhanced in-store shopping experience. Physical stores become digital assets with VUSION by SES-imagotag.

Frequently Asked Questions

Using electronic shelf labels as compared to paper price tags provides many benefits including instant price updates, operational savings, and operating efficiency. Using MR access points allows customers to get both wireless connectivity and digital tag functionality in a single device without a need to deploy separate APs for Wi-Fi and digital tag gateways.
While retail is the top use-case, digital tags and displays can be used in many other industries, such as manufacturing, transportation, workplaces, and more. For example use cases, see the SES-imagotag industries page:
This integrated solution allows MR access points to act as ESL “gateways” by leveraging the IoT (previously known as BLE) radio in our APs to control electronic shelf labels, push price updates via V:Cloud (SES-imagotag Cloud-Based Retail IoT Management Solution) without requiring an additional hardware like USB dongle or add-on card connected to an AP.


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