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The Location IoT Analytics Platform

Simon AI turns location (who or what, when, and where) information from your network infrastructure into powerful insights & applications that drive business outcomes. Customers use Simon AI to search & track assets or a work in progress (WIP), monitor & analyze order flow or material flow, and measure & benchmark the productivity of their sites. The application is targeted towards business users with its simple-to-use interface and relevant workflows. It makes use of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices or other standard BLE devices to capture location and sensor information and delivers a seamless experience via a cloud-hosted SaaS application.

Key Features

Use Cases

  • 1. Search & Find: Boost productivity & throughput with live search & find in physical spaces.
  • 2. Employee Visibility & Safety: Collect real-time information about your labor safety and performance.
  • 3. Asset Utilization & Inventory: Monitor, track and inventory movable assets live and without the hassle of manual scanning processes.
  • 4. Order & Material Traceability: Make better order decisions to increase revenue. Expedite requests and resource staffing and improve productivity with visibility into order status and parts on a factory floor.
  • 5. Environmental Monitoring: Decrease compliance risks and costs. Undertake the necessary steps to prevent the breach before it occurs.

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Frequently Asked Questions is a global Bluetooth-focused location technology leader on a mission to simplify the global delivery of location data insights. Simon AI—the's Location IoT Analytics Platform—is an end-to-end software platform that helps you analyze, monitor and predict assets, material and physical processes. manufactures the Bluetooth beacons and tags as well as offer software solutions.
Verticals: Industry, Healthcare, Public Spaces. Use Cases: Search & Find, Employee Visibility & Safety, Asset Utilization & Inventory, Order & Material Traceability, and Environmental Monitoring
Among other things, the battery life depends on the battery type, interval set, type of the casing, environments it’s been used in. As an example, below are two types of products, one for indoor asset tracking and the second outdoor asset tracking. 1) Asset Tag S18-3 for indoor environments -- Battery life up to 15 months (Tx=-12dBm, interval:350ms) 2) Heavy Duty Beacon HD18-3 -- Battery life up to 168 months (Tx=-12dBm, interval:350ms). For more products please visit: