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Skyfii helps shopping centers, retailers, airports, universities and other venues better understand and improve the visitor experience.

Measure, predict and influence visitor behavior.

Skyfii provides an omnidata intelligence solution that helps businesses measure, predict, and influence visitor behavior. 

Skyfii helps venues:

  • Manage the Guest Wi-Fi experience across multiple locations
  • Consolidate visitor data into a single system of record
  • Visualize data about visitor behavior both online and in-venue
  • Communicate with visitors based on location and behavior

With Skyfii, you can easily integrate your Meraki MR Series Wi-Fi Access Points and MV Smart Cameras into our visitor intelligence platform.

Thousands of shopping centers, airports, retailers, smart cities, universities, restaurants, and other venues, large and small, rely on Skyfii to improve venue performance and create better experiences for their visitors.

Our software platform is called Skyfii IO, and it’s broken down into modules:

Skyfii Guest WiFiA scalable, flexible, and secure solution for managing the Wi-Fi user experience across multiple locations.

Skyfii IO ConnectA data consolidation platform that works with your entire data ecosystem, including Meraki wireless access points and MV cameras.

Skyfii IO InsightAnalytics, reporting, and data visualization software for measuring the visitor experience across the digital and physical world.

Skyfii IO EngageA location- and behavior-based communications tool that delivers messages over a range of channels and in a variety of formats.

Contact us today to find how Skyfii can help you eliminate guesswork from the visitor experience.

Customer Results

  • Leveraging WiFi for Shopper Insights

    Aliansce Shopping Centers manages the second largest portfolio of malls in Brazil. When they sought a high-performance guest WiFi service, Skyfii delivered a solution that helped them easily connect their shoppers, while also providing rich insights about their behavior and experiences. Deployed over Meraki access points across 20 malls, Skyfii’s solution has helped Aliansce collect behavioral insights on over 34 million visits, and build a robust, segmented customer database.

  • Creating Marketing Opportunities for Tenants

    The Boulders Shopping Centre is leveraging Skyfii’s Guest WiFi and location-based marketing tools to create new and engaging marketing opportunities for their tenants. When they ran an interactive “Spin to Win” campaign in their WiFi login portal, they saw a 70% redemption rate on prizes (vs industry standard of 10-20%), while also successfully capturing the interest of their tenants. Over 10 tenants are now interested in purchasing dedicated advertising time in the center's WiFi portal.

Use Cases

  • Enrich your customer database. Learn more about your visitors, and enrich your CRM with new data each time they visit your venue – all through your existing Wi-Fi network.
  • Improve experiences in your venues. Visualize how visitors move through your venue in-order to identify areas that are congested or underperforming, and then measure the impact that changes to layout, signage, or staffing have on those areas.
  • Accurately count visitor traffic. Connect Meraki MV Smart Cameras, and other people counting devices, to gain a highly-accurate count of foot traffic through key areas of your venue.
  • Benchmark performance. Compare how different zones or venues across your entire portfolio are performing on metrics like visits, dwell time, and conversions.
  • Drive visitor engagement. Deliver targeted content – like surveys, promotional offers, and other types of messages – to your visitors based on conditions like profile, time of day, location within your venue, and behavior.
  • Optimize staffing. Identify patterns in visitor traffic volume, and better plan your staffing needs to accommodate. Increase staff during high-traffic periods, and schedule maintenance and cleaning during lower-traffic periods.

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