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IO Connect consolidates location-based, web-based, and other data sources into a single system of record that can synchronize with external platforms.

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Simplified Data Management for Physical Venues

Jumping from dashboard to dashboard isn’t just a waste of time, it keeps you from seeing the big picture about what’s happening in your venues.

Consolidate information from your entire data ecosystem into IO Connect’s single system of record that helps you more quickly access the insights you need.

You can integrate your Meraki MR series Wi-Fi access points and MV people counting cameras along with other data sources into the IO Connect platform to easily and effortlessly collect data into one simplified platform.

IO Connect can integrate these data sources:

  • Wi-Fi
  • People Counters
  • Weather
  • Cameras
  • Beacons
  • Social Media
  • Point of Sale
  • And more..

IO Connect ingests data into our analytics reporting and data visualization platform, IO Insights, allowing you to make sense of the data and understand the behavior of your customers.

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Customer Results

Driving Loyalty Through Seamless WiFi experience

A global QSR chain offers free WiFi to customers across its restaurants. They wanted to leverage this service to make it easier for customers to subscribe to their existing loyalty rewards program and increase subscriber acquisition. Through the seamless WiFi experience using IO Connect, the client saw a dramatic increase in the number of new loyalty program members and ensured return users were immediately connected and sharing valuable data on their experience.

Use Cases

  • IO Connect is the control centre for your network, its easy to use interface enables you to design, setup and configure Guest WiFi services and the user experience.
  • Build, customise and manage stunning captive portal through the use of the IO Connects simplistic portal building tool.
  • Receive detailed reports of every aspect of the data you collect, including demographics, dwell times, frequency and time of registrations.
  • Grow a database of visitors to your venue, intern building a knowledge base of their behaviour and preferences in-venue.
  • Unify and build a single visitor and venue view, connecting WiFi, location data, beacons, point of sales software, social media and online traffic.

Support Details

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