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IO Engage is an omnichannel marketing tool. Measure and optimise automated or bulk campaigns, with targeting including location and behaviour.


Powerful Marketing Tools

IO Engage is the marketing and content delivery component of the IO platform. It gives you the ability to send targeted communications across multiple channels including SMS, email, push notifications and mobile video.

You can analyse the data and identify marketing opportunities based on visitor behaviour and location, then reach them with highly personalised messages. With automation capabilities, campaigns can be scheduled to trigger and deliver content based on multiple variables, enabling you to build intelligent campaigns focused towards your target audience. Better yet, the IO Platform lets you track the results with pinpoint accuracy back to your venue, so you can see what messages worked, and why.

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Delivering data-driven marketing campaigns in and out of venue

Location events generated by the Meraki access points are used by IO Engage to trigger location-based marketing campaigns to visitors which are delivered via email, SMS and push notifications. In addition to triggering marketing content by location, Aliansce is able to select targeted recipients based on behavior, profile and other key variants, for campaigns both in and out of venue - ensuring content is delivered to well-defined target audiences.



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