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IO Insight is an analytics based customer behaviour and venue performance reporting tool. Providing location, demographic and behavioural insights.

Location Analytics

Data-driven insights, better business decisions

Discover more about how your visitors interact with your organisation and the world around them.

 IO Insight provides a suite of reports that cover a comprehensive range of key metrics to help organisations measure the performance of their sites individually and as a group.

 Each report can be configured to display data using numerous dimensions for either groups of locations or individual sites. Dimensions include customer type (new or returning), devices, zones (spaces within venues) and gender. Default reports can also be automated for delivery to stakeholders on a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly schedule.

The IO Insight product is a single source of visitor and venue intelligence, turning physical data sources into digital insights. 

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Customer Results

Aliansce Shopping Malls Leverage Skyfii & Meraki for WiFi Data Analytics

Utilising Skyfii IO Insight, Aliansce is able to better understand venue performance and customer behavior. Leveraging Meraki’s location API, customer/device presence and location data is pushed to the Skyfii cloud for processing and analysing. The resulting insights help Aliansce define shopper segments and shopper affinity, in addition to highlighting customer loyalty and interaction with tenancies.

Use Cases

  • Experience more efficient decision-making through scheduled reports, delivering key insights and impacting every part of your business.
  • Discover more with venue analytics and learn how visitors interact with your organisation and the world around them.
  • Build personalised dashboard filled with a range of reports designed to empower data-driven decisions with both makreting and operations teams.
  • View customers as whole or segment, analysing the different behaviour and trends of groups who use your facility.



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