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IO Insight is an analytics, reporting, and data visualization tool for measuring the customer experience across the digital and physical world.

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Data visualization for in-venue and online

Create a complete understanding of experiences across the physical and digital world.

In the past, businesses have had to make critical decisions about the visitor experience with little information about visitor behavior.

But with Skyfii IO Insight, your business can finally see how visitors behave both in-venue and online, giving you clarity on how to prepare for the future.

IO Insight is our analytics reporting and data visualization platform, turning data into actionable insights.

You’ll get detailed reports of the data in IO Connect from your MR Wi-Fi access points and MV people counting cameras, including:

  • Visitor loyalty
  • Visitor demographics
  • Total number and duration of guest Wi-Fi sessions
  • Dwell times of guests in physical locations
  • Data usage trends and distribution

To turn these insights into action, you can deliver location- and behaviour-based communications to your visitors using IO Engage.  

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Customer Results

Diagnosing Retail Performance Through Data and Analytics

A youth-oriented fashion retailer was experiencing poor sales in a major destination shopping centre and engaged Skyfii to help diagnose the issue. Using IO Insight, it was identified that 40% of shoppers visited for less than 5 mins and that the store was more effective at converting shoppers during particular hours. Having these insights, the marketing team could come to the conclusion that they needed a more targeted market approach

Use Cases

  • Experience more efficient decision-making through scheduled reports, delivering key insights and impacting every part of your business.
  • Discover more with venue analytics and learn how visitors interact with your organisation and the world around them.
  • Build personalised dashboard filled with a range of reports designed to empower data-driven decisions with both makreting and operations teams.
  • View customers as whole or segment, analysing the different behaviour and trends of groups who use your facility.

Support Details

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