Skyfii's OccupancyNow Toolkit

Contactless Engagement Safe Occupancy

Skyfii's web-based dashboard helps venues maintain Covid-19 compliance with Occupancy & Social Distancing, Isolation, Cleaning, and Contact Tracing.

An Automated Covid-19 Compliance Tool

Skyfii’s OccupancyNow toolkit focuses on the four main CDC guidelines for Covid-19 compliance:

  • Occupancy and Social Distancing
  • Isolation
  • Cleaning
  • Contact Tracing

Skyfii’s web-based dashboards and reporting tools allow stakeholders and management to remotely monitor occupancy counts and social distancing/congestion, wait times, and the busiest times in each location. 

Additionally, this toolkit utilizes Skyfii’s IO platform and messaging module to isolate the in-venue journey of visitors to assist staff in isolation, cleaning and contact tracing in the event an individual tests positive for Covid-19. 

Skyfii’s OccupancyNow™ solution combines automated counting technology, a web-based reporting dashboard, and real-time alerting and monitoring to help you:

  • Manage real-time occupancy and social distancing in your venues
  • Track and verify COVID-19 compliance
  • Optimize staffing and cleaning procedures
  • Keep customers informed of COVID-19 initiatives
  • Facilitate contact tracing

Skyfii is a global technology company that helps organizations use data to streamline operations and improve the experiences of millions of customers every day: GDPR and CCPA compliant, ISO 27001 certified, and trusted in over 10,000+ venues on five continents.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the OccupancyNow solution utilizes either the venues existing Meraki wireless or MV Sense Camera infrastructure.
Yes, the solution can be deployed remotely for cases and does not require any on site technical integration.
No, the OccupancyNow solution does not require any additional hardware other than existing Meraki wireless infrastructure or MV Sense camera infrastructure.
The length of install is directly tied to the number of either access points or MV Sense cameras. Eg: A 1-3 Access Point installment takes less than 1 hour to install the OccupancyNow solution.
Yes, we are pleased to offer customers a free of charge proof of concept.



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