Social Dist. & Contact Tracing

Alerting and Recording Workplace Interactions

The AiRISTA Flow Social Distancing and Contact Tracing Solution uses a wireless device worn by employees to help enforce CDC guidelines for social distancing and automate contact tracing. The tags communicate with each other autonomously without supervisory control. Data collected by the tags is communicated to the AiRSITA Flow cloud-based software system which analyzes contact information and manages the tags.

The tags use a unique feature of Bluetooth Low Energy which detects other BLE devices in the area. When people come within six feet of each other for a period of time, the device makes an audible chirp and a record of the contact is made in the AiRISTA Flow software system. Triggers for tag distances and event durations are configurable. The software system maintains reports and supports custom workflows for alerts and report generation. Platform analytics provide a view into behavior trends, potential hot spots, and reports at individual, group and department levels. Because location data is not collected, employee privacy is protected

Use Cases

  • Social Distancing - Tags worn by employees alert when proximate to others via LEDs, an audible chirp or vibration. Tags are configured over the air to accommodate each environment (distance, duration, cumulative time, brief breaks, etc.).
  • Contact Tracing - contacts recorded on tags are uploaded to the cloud portal over Meraki access points. From the portal contact tracing reports are instantaneous. Analytics allow for hot spot locations and trend analysis to help shift behavior.

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Customer Results

Legendary Studios Keeps Film Production on Track

When a member of the set tested positive, production shut down resulting in a scheduling shuffle. Special tag configuration settings allowed people back on the set where contact alerts were done silently. Production schedules returned to normal and the solution was rolled out to 3 more sets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the tags can be purchased and used only as alerts for social distancing. Contact tracing requires use of the software platform. The software platform also provides reports to monitor trends and evaluate the effectiveness of various policies and workflows
BLE tags are low cost and offer long battery life. BLE+Wi-Fi tags are badge-style tags and require recharging every couple months (depending on tag configuration). AiRISTA Flow also offers an application that makes your smart phone act like a tag.
To speed deployment and keep costs down, the Meraki wireless network is typically used to communicate to the cloud based software platform. The BLE+Wi-Fi tags communicate directly with Meraki access points. BLE tags can communicate with access points that support BLE. Older infrastructure that does not support BLE can use the AiRISTA Flow BLE/Wi-Fi Gateway – a small device that plugs into an AC outlet. AiRISTA Flow also makes available an app for smart phones and tablets that provide communication to the software platform through Wi-Fi or the cellular connection. Once contacts are uploaded to the portal, the portal returns an acknowledgement to the tag ensuring contacts are not missed.
Only the tag’s ID is stored in the cloud database. Any association of a user with a tag is under the control of the administrator. Data is retained for 30 days by default, then purged. Moreover, the software platform complies with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) protecting the use and retention of personal information.
Yes, tag location is collected and made available via a table in the cloud portal. A location “snapshot” is made each time the tag uploads its contacts to the cloud software via an access point or gateway – the unique ID the access point or gateway and the time is recorded. The system administrator associates that access point or gateway with a physical location in the building like break room, lobby, etc.
The AiRISTA Flow implementation of BLE provides not only beaconing of an outbound signal, but it also scans (listens) for other BLE devices. The stronger the signal received from another tag, the closer the tag. Once the dB threshold representing six feet is met, we alert the individual and record the ID of the other tag. The AiRISTA Flow tags can be configured over the air. For example, if safe distancing recommendations change, the tags can be remotely configured to the new distance settings. Phone apps represent a challenge since antenna designs are unique and dB levels differ at six feet. AiRISTA Flow uses patented technology to normalize the effect across mobile phone vendors.
RF signals are effected when passing through water, and because our bodies are 60% water, they impede the signal. However, AiRISTA Flow has several patents that account for body position and interference. Although the result is not perfect, the impact is reduced. When considering body position, a tag worn on the wrist will ben less impeded than a tag worn on the chest for example.
For Social Distancing only, tags can also be purchased separately from the software platform. If Contact Tracing in addition to Social Distancing is desired, the purchase of a tag includes use of the AiRISTA Flow software platform for one year. Subsequent years can be purchased at a discount.