Splash Access MDU Solution

A 'home away from home' experience

Tenants/Students require quick, easy, and secure Wi-Fi connection.

Splash Access’ aim is to simply ensure tenants/students get connected and stay connected in the easiest, user friendly way possible. Splash Access manages the deployments of all VLAN’s and networks. Delivering the best tenant/student residential network experience.

Splash Access the creation of a custom splash page that can be integrated with the MDU Module through the Meraki Portal, allowing providers the ability to control access and allocate personal VLANS in one easy to use system.

The MDU solution focuses on the ‘Tenant/Student experience’. 

With a simple Captive portal, using their unique SSID credentials, tenants/students can login quickly and efficiently into the network using any device required (mobile, desktop etc).

A Device Registration Portal gives each tenant/student the ability to login to a guest SSID. Giving them a personal virtual network. Tenants/Students will only see their devices and those of their roommates, providing a simpler and more secure device interaction environment, providing them with a ‘home away from home experience’.

Each tenant/student will also be able to self-register their own devices, onboarding and managing devices with no captive portal capabilities, such as PlayStation, Xbox etc using their tenant/student credentials via the device registration portal. Tenants/Students will can even pre-register and onboard devices weeks before arrival to their location.

A Tier 1 management portal gives administrators the ability to control access and allocate tenant/student details and VLANS in one easy to use system. Administrators will have the ability to securely manage users and devices via the Tier 1 Management portal. Reporting/Logs enables admin users to track lost or stolen devices.

Key Features

Use Cases

  • Self-register, onboard & manage devices with no captive portal capabilities and prior to arrival.
  • Easy login onto company/campus network(s) using any device required, utilising unique SSID credentials.
  • Admin Management access for control and allocation of details and VLAN’s.

Frequently Asked Questions

Splash Access works with and helps companies worldwide in multiple sectors, including retail, healthcare, education, finance, hospitality, theatre, charity/NFP and more.
The Splash Access office is located in UK. However, Splash Access works with and have clients across the globe.
Quickly and easily setup an account with Splash Access: 1. Request a demo of Splash Access 2. Following the Splash Access instructions, configure the Meraki dashboard. 3. Add the APs in Splash Access portal. 4. Complete!


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