Splash Sense Analytics

High value data with monitoring and alerts

Splash Access has integrated into the new Cisco Meraki MV Sense location analytics API to provide the ability to monitor visitor traffic and set camera threshold alerts with text messages via Twilio.

Extremely helpful in businesses in the retail sector, who can now send alerts to specified administrators such as managers; for example, when more than 20 people have been seen in a zone within a time frame.

Splash Access is now perfectly placed to broaden the capabilities of the MV Camera with direct integration into the Meraki API.

MV Sense supplies organisations and Splash Access with processed, high-value data and insights with no additional infrastructure requirements. Through its technology it has introduced a way for us to analyse the world and act accordingly to make better business decisions.

The MV Sense API allows Splash Access to access four types of rich data insights:

  • Historical aggregate: How many people were in each area at a specified time, and where exactly where they in the frame?
  • Current snapshot: How many people are in each area right now, and where exactly are they in the frame?
  • Real-time feed: A stream of the number of people and their exact location in a frame.
  • Detection: The detection of whether a person is/isn’t wearing a face mask / covering (PPE), Helmet, Gloves

Providing businesses with insight into customer behavior.

Although not specific to the current situation, during the Covid-19 pandemic MV Sense has become crucial in keeping businesses and people safe.

The camera can use its people detection functionality to check if a person is in a given area right now and send out a warning notification based on a specified camera zone.

Detection of Gender, Emotions, Age, PPE (with/without Face Mask), Helmets, Gloves, provides an insight into customer behavior helping to monitor and manage from anywhere, via the Splash Access dashboard.

The introduction of the Face mask, helmet and Glove detection feature helps to identify, in real-time, people with or without these items. With this information it can send alerts to specified administrators such as security personnel, managers etc or simply generate a report for statistical purposes.

Additionally, the ability to define zones as specific areas of interest coupled with these four types of endpoints gives users selective granularity and customizability e.g. within retail two shopping queues in a single camera frame can be defined and analysed as such with MV Sense.

From streamlining an operation, to creating a richer customer experience, to making a safe school, office or warehouse even safer, MV Sense allows users to utilize their security camera deployment for more than just security.

Gathering actionable insights into visitor behaviors within locations.

Splash Access can also utilize Webex teams to notify a list of specified users if a set user count is above a user configured threshold.

Not only can Splash Access count how many users are within range of an Access point group at any given time and send out a notification, using the location data it can also count the total number of devices that are currently within range of an access point group.

Accurately measuring foot traffic. Splash Access can get data on how many people come inside your locations, how much time they spend there, and how often they return. 

Within any environment safety is paramount and by using Meraki Smart Cameras and Splash Access the measures are available to protect the safety and well-being of students, customers, staff and others.

Key Features

Use Cases

  • MV people detection can check if a person is in a given area right now and send out a warning notification based on a specified camera zone.
  • Count how many users are within range of an Access point group at any given time.
  • Send out a Webex teams notification to a list of specified users if this count is above a user configured threshold.

Frequently Asked Questions

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