Spotipo is an all in one wifi marketing platform that lets you easily create splash pages, grow your mailing lists and enhance social presence.

Integrations Marketing

Easy to use Wifi marketing platform

Spotipo is an all in one, easy to use Hotspot management system. With an easy to install package, you can get your server up and running in no time.

With our unique privacy policy management, it's possible to collect Guest data while being GDPR compliant.

Multiple Login Methods

Offer Payment based, Voucher based or Social Login based hotspots with just a few clicks

Automated Marketing

Connect Spotipo to your existing marketing platforms and automatically  sync your guest data

Landing Page Advertisements

Upsell your products via landing page advertisements. 





Use Cases

  • Good solution for camping grounds who wants to offer WiFi for a premium
  • Ideal for coffee shops/restaurent chains who wants to promote their brand via branded splash pages

Support Details

We offer email and chat support